Book-shaped travelling libraries


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  1. bolamig says:

    I know how to make an even more portable library:  Get a laptop.

  2. Lobster says:

    I like things that look like the things that I get there.

  3. Melissa Dollman says:

    @ bolamig: “can be brought to poor, tornado-struck schools in the area”

  4. stealthisbook says:

    This is going to become a more prevalent way of setting up school libraries as the economic tornado continues to ravage US schools. I did a VISTA year at a hs/ms library and saw the ongoing fight for space. The building was initially a good compromise built to combine two separate facilities back in the 90s, and included a computer lab and a conference room. Over time, first the conference room and then the computer lab were taken over as classroom space. During my year there, a library storage closet was repurposed as another classroom despite not having any windows or ventilation. Now, I hear that this school year the library has been eliminated entirely and its 24k book collection has been tossed in order to provide more classroom space and budget wiggle room.

  5. Bobsyeruncle says:

    School libraries are good quiet places to do research and get homework done.  I would despair the day the space is deemed “extravagant” and gets reclaimed for more “profitable” purposes.

    Having said that, I wonder when liberally distributed e-books loaded up with public domain works become viable alternatives to row upon row of physical books.

  6. sockdoll says:

    The portable bookcases are an old design. Painting them to look like great big books is cute. Bringing them to communities lacking sufficient school libraries due to natural or bureaucratic disaster is wonderful.

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