Wooden Shjips video for "Lazy Bones"


8 Responses to “Wooden Shjips video for "Lazy Bones"”

  1. scifijazznik says:

    These guys are great.  Dammit, David, I’ve been missing your Friday Freak-Outs.

  2. Kaffenated says:

    Fantastic track…..and on the plus side I only had one seizure watching the video.

  3. aidaaan says:

    this video will bring your puny video compression algorithm to its knees

  4. peterblue11 says:

    hipster trash. vinyls sold out. rofl.

  5. Adolph Marx says:

    well, visually, it no ponponpon

  6. millie fink says:

    No mp3?

    *tears falling down like rain*

  7. burningrome says:

    No minimalism in that video!

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