Darling Pet Munkee's songs based on old comic book ads


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  1. Michael J. Epstein says:

    Thanks! We’ve made the whole record available for free download for a limited time because of this post! We hope you all enjoy it! 

  2. Warning to those in low bandwidth countries: this plays all songs, not just the one listed – go for the download link(s)! Also: Michael, thanks for making them free to DL

  3. peromyscus says:

    Growing up in England, I used to adore those Darling Pet Monkey ads and griped that I couldn’t have one. Looking at it now, I get the horrors that they were ever sold. (If they actually were and weren’t some kind of a scam.) Mind you, I did eventually Grow Live Sea Monkeys and boy was that disappointing. 

  4. Chentzilla says:

    The idea of songs based on ads reminded me of the works of Tanguy Ukulele Orchestra (check Commercial Medley here… and then the other songs!). Though, obviously, the style is much different. They also do video game covers – with ukulele, of course. Well, they did – don’t know what’s the group up to now, and if it was a group or a single guy.

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