How online crooks use "work from home" patsies to launder goods and forward them offshore


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  1. Alvis says:

    So, knowing that these are scams, what’s to stop you from answering such an ad, waiting until they send you something you’re interested in, and just keeping it? 

    • rekoil says:

      Something tells me that people who do that wind up getting a house call from some of the shippers, um “associates”…

      • LintMan says:

        This seems like a perfect opportunity for a police sting operation:

        Undercover cop gets hired,  received goods are kept and traced if possible, and when goons show up to reclaim items, they are arrested.  Besides the actual people they catch that way, if that happens enough, the dropship organizers will become a lot more reluctant to publically advertise to attract  innocent dupes.

    • nosehat says:

      So, knowing that these are scams,

      I’d bet that a bunch of them have no idea it’s a scam.  A lot of people have no real idea of how the world of “business” actually works, so this might seem like a plausibly legit way of being employed.
      Or worse, they’ve become so accustomed to meaningless, unfulfilling wage labor in other contexts that the part of their brain that’s supposed to ask “why?” when “the boss” tells them to do something has atrophied.

  2. Childe Roland says:

    What is to keep someone from getting a job as a drop and then keeping everything they’re sent?    Two laptops or iPads / day x  probably a week before they figure it out.  If and when law enforcement descends, you simply say you sent the stuff on like the other other drops did.

  3. hypoh says:

    Fascinating stuff.

  4. IRMO says:

    Antinous, I don’t actually want the BB comment area to choke under spam, but this genre has shown up here before, and if its shows up under this story, I will be greatly amused. 

  5. Supurcell says:

    What happens to the poor patsies involved in this? Are they prosecuted?

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