Survivor of LRA atrocities replies to Rush Limbaugh: "My Heart Breaks"

Following up on yesterday's BB post: here's a Video Link to a testimony by 22-year-old Evelyn Apoko. A post with more on her story at Media Matters. Here is her statement. From the website for Ms. Apoko's group, which works to help other survivors:

When she was just a little girl, Evelyn Apoko was abducted in the middle of the night by a brutal rebel group in Uganda that calls themselves The Lord's Resistance Army. Left unchecked by the world community for decades, the group - which is also known as the LRA - has abducted thousands of children to serve as soldiers, porters or sex slaves. After years in captivity, Evelyn was badly wounded and faced the terrible choice of attempting a near-impossible escape or certain death at the hands of the rebels who were repelled by her horrific injuries. Miraculously, Evelyn escaped and made it to a rehab center and hospital, where she came to the attention of Strongheart.

Here is an article in Hill Times with background on her personal story.

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  1. The pain and horror that this young woman went through is nothing like the torment that Rush Limbaugh would experience if he was forced to apologize or admit he was wrong on-air.

    Please, show some mercy for that shameless blowhard. He has nothing to live for but his hate, swollen ego and thirty million dollars a year.

  2. I’d personally love to kick his fat ass out the back of a C-119 over that jungle. Even with a parachute, it’d be an awesome experience. At least for me. I’ve already been there. Knowing that Rush would be down there being eaten alive by insects and all of the nasty scavengers and nice big meat eaters would be wonderful.

    1. I think it’d be inadvisable to send him into the hands of the LRA.  They might make him their leader. (That is, if he isn’t already.)

  3. i cannot believe limbaugh has slipped to this level. i found a list of rush limbaugh program advertisers at – i’m calling them all to tell them their products are now associated in my mind with the LRA. i will be boycotting these products until they remove their advertisements from the rush limbaugh program.

    also, i called my congress-critter (i live in anna eschoo’s district) to complain that the american forces network (which is funded through the DoD) is advertising on limbaugh’s program. call your congressperson ( check out if you don’t have their contact info handy) and tell them you think this is a bad use of US taxpayers’ money.


  4. Very Sad indeed.  Easiest way?  Shun, do not listen to Rush, Do not listen to his station or affiliates, do not  buy products that support his show,   let the sponsors know.   I refuse to listen to him for almost a decade now… and most of the others.  Truth can be found on the internet if one digs for it using our power of reasoning and inner conscious.   

  5. See -this is why I get frustrated with some of the rather dramatic wordings by some people about Iraq etc.  THIS is the face of real savagery, real sadism,  real in-human behavior, real evil. It has been going on in Africa for a long, long time, and this is only one of many horror stories. From genocide in Sudan, to kid soldiers eating the hearts of enemies in Liberia, Africa is still very much the “Dark Continent”.

    I think Lobster said it yesterday, Rush has become a cartoon of himself as an over-the-top conservative. Its basically just like Stephen Colbert – only we know Colbert is joking (probably). Rush has become a parody. He is nothing more than entertainment, and just like other aweful entertainers, one you should just ignore. They thrive on attention – ANY attention. Whole websites calling for and illustrating his evisceration just lets him tally up the numbers of people who know his name and are shouting it out.

    1. But the problem with Limbaugh is that even if you consider him to be entertainment, there are still people that give credence to his words.  He appeals to their sense of “them” versus “us.”  Once he’s convinced the listeners that “they” are out to destroy “our” way of life, then the the listener is more than on board.  I doubt most people who listen to, and actually believe the things Rush says ever fact check behind him.  The kind of people that are on Rush’s corner are already suffering from confirmation bias, and have no reason to go any further than what he tells them.  If they did fact check behind him, they’d find all the discrepancies and conclude that Rush is a hate monger and a spin doctor.  And the Rush believers that do read/listen to other news sources probably dismiss everything that counters what he’s saying as spin.  It’s scary.  I’m related to one.

      1. This is true, but because of our exaulted right of free speech, it is envitable. From left and right wing nut jobs, to people who think the queers are  in it with the aliens  building landing strips for gay Martians – you will almost always find an audience who believes you and there is no way to “force” them to do any research or critical thinking. Case in point – all of the BULL SHIT cryto-crap on Discovery and the History Channel.

        1. It may be inevitable that nutjobs like Limbaugh can gain a following but that doesn’t mean “just ignore them” is always the best response. Limbaugh may be an “entertainer” but he’s not a harmless one, he has enough of an audience to influence elections and he chums around with some pretty powerful government figures (including Justice Clarence Thomas). When he spouts bullshit like this and nobody calls him out on it the consequences can be real and serious.

    2. Actually sadly I met a guy once who, when I asked him to sum up his political views, said he didn’t really pay that much attention to politics, but that that Colbert guy’s views were ones he could get behind. He reallly really really didn’t realize that Colbert is satire. Seriously. When I explained this to him he became confused. 

    3. Still the dark continent? Are you kidding me? How can you possibly generalize like that? Sudan + Libera = 3.3% of the continent’s population. 

       To quote Bill Easterly, roughly .01% of the African population died per year from wars or genocide in the past 4 decades. This is still horrible, but it’s worth pointing out that something close to 99.9% are *not* being killed in horrible ways, and are living difficult, but peaceful lives.

      Creating simple narratives about a diverse and complicated continent creates the kind of environment where people like Limbaugh can spout off whatever they want about Africa because no one knows any better. 

      1. Fair enough – and the 9 million refugees is a drop in the bucket compared to its 1 Billion population. But also consider that 88% of conflict deaths in the world between 1990-2007 were Africa and currently violence from 15 conflicts.

    4. Have you been to Africa? How many years have you devoted serious study to the continent? How sure are you that your characterization of Africa and the people who live there is accurate?

  6. I don’t know which fills me with more sadness: this woman’s heart-rending story or the fact that any Limbaugh fans who hear it will probably just dismiss her as “another parasitic foreign beneficiary of the U.S. medical system.”

    1. My thoughts exactly. She’s the wrong gender, colour, nationality, class and age for his ilk to give a fuck. Limbaugh is a bully. Showing him you’re bleeding only makes him happier.

      I do hope that her response will bring much deserved attention to her story and cause.

  7. When I hear people suggest that Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are really “entertainers”, or “businessmen” selling some kind of ideological product, it makes me think of snuff films.

    “Pro-life” only applies to the unborn, everyone else is s.o.l.

  8. The news is US Special Forces are being deployed to fight the LRA in Africa. Is this a good/bad idea? Whatever Rush Limbaugh thinks, or thought, is just bread and circus. I know it’s the post, but this deployment is how long-term engagements begin. Me, I don’t understand what the UN Force is about if not for this.

  9. The difficulty is finding a forum that can counter the extreme right noise machine. People like Rush, Colter, Drudge and Beck are paid well to create propaganda. It doesn’t matter whether they believe what they say, only that it continues to sell. And sell it does. 

    It’s nearly impossible for a more liberal counter weight to get any traction. Air America just sounded shrill and too black and white to get a sufficient audience, even though shrill and B&W are two key tools of the far right noise machine. Liberals generally (anarchists and Daily Kos aside) don’t bite for form over substance as willingly. And yet, liberals and progressives have thousands of outlets on the internet that go a long way towards offsetting the extreme right’s messages for the converted.

    The difficulty is how to reach the converted on the other side and get them to accept that the message is actually against their best interests, short and long run. The left needs a better strategy on propaganda with targeted messages to minorities, and the poor, and, increasingly, the middle class. OWS has some value for this; just the 99% vs 1% is powerful. But it doesn’t translate into political action easily. At least not on the level of “Taxes BAD” which gets people to oppose all taxes rather than focus on inequitable or destructive ones. 

    Loath Limbaugh all you want. Fantasize his death (something I am prone to do too), but don’t confuse that with counter action. So, any suggestions as to actual things to do?

    1. Avoiding the urge to denigrate potential allies (anarchists and folks who visit Daily Kos) would be a good start. I am not a fan of the web site, but contributors to the Daily Kos blog were fairly influential in the sponsor boycott of Glenn Beck’s television program that was a factor in his release from the Fox Network. Unlike in the case of Beck’s television program, Rush Limbaugh’s radio program is syndicated nationally; smaller stations purchase broadcasting rights. The most effective strategy could be to boycott the local sponsors of local stations until they drop Rush. That’s my guess, any way.

  10. Remember when Anders Breivik slaughtered all those kids in Norway, and the right was quick to make the exception that “he is not a real Christian.”

    How about the L.R.A., where do they fit on the “real Christian” scale?

  11. Conservitainment Tonite!
    Acknowledging these people only gives their advertisers more cause to support them. 
    Rush is just a goofy puppet; I’m up for any ideas that involve seriously removing him from the collective human consciousness; berating all of his sponsors en masse might be a good start. Any other ideas?

    1. I think we made need a process like shunning in which someone is no longer acknowledged to exist. If he shows up anywhere he is not served or recognized by those that are shunning him, no conversation can be held with him or eye contact.  I would reserve this for the lowest of filth, which he qualifies as, and of course their are others.

  12. Trader Joe’s advertises on WMAL, which carries Limbaugh’s show in my area. I sent them a letter that I really don’t want the money I spend at their stores going to support these kinds of irresponsible statements, even in an indirect manner.

    Pepco, the electric utility, is also an advertiser but I can’t say I’m willing to go without electricity.

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