The Unconsumption Project


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  1. Lobster says:

    Cute logo, but look at those plates.  If you saw one of those, without knowing the significance of the logo, wouldn’t you assume the cart was supposed to be right-side up?

  2. Cory recently mentioned something about collecting a set of mismatched charity shop cutlery, and getting the handles powder-coated in a matching colour. Nice idea.

  3. yeastbeast says:

    “Unconsumption” is not non-consumption. Instead of consuming cheap new crockery, you are consuming expensive new art supplies.

  4. nosehat says:

     Rebranding already branded things in the name of consuming less?  Sure, why not. 

    But does it seem a little tacky?  Like a video screen cap from a news program that’s already watermarked with the local station, then re-water marked with the national news program’s logo, then posted on a website that slaps its own logo on, and reposted on a different site that slaps a different logo on…  You end up with an accumulated cruft of branding that obscures the original image, diminishing its usefulness.

    In the case of these plates, they’ve rebranded them directly on the eating surface, where the new logo is likely to chip off or leak toxins into your food.  Again, the excessive re-branding diminishes the object’s usefulness. 

    Why not un-brand things instead, in the name of unconsumption?  Sandblast off all the brand cruft and resell?

    • millie fink says:

      Why not just buy used stuff from charitable organizations and/or destitute people’s yard sales, and not give a crap what brand it is? Or, if the brand is such an irritant, yeah, scrape it off? In any case, why resell it again?

      • nosehat says:

        Oops, I guess I didn’t read the original post very carefully.  For some reason I’d got it in my head that they were reselling these.  :P

  5. tylerkaraszewski says:

    I guess “attention” is not something these people are trying to “unconsume”.

  6. El Hombre Perdió says:

    This not-consuming thing has really taken off over the last few years, hasn’t it? They must have tapped into something pretty deep.

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