WIPO's secret, corporate-run trademark enforcement meeting


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  1. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    One wonders if the number of secret meetings of this nature where they leave out “the people” has a direct relation to the number of people who just ignore the “rules”.
    Maybe copyright/trademark laws would be followed more if those asked to give things up for the sake of them had any say in the matter.

    • Andrew Singleton says:

      Depends on if it’s ‘ok you get to see what we’re doing but you don’t /really/ have a say or ‘you have a chance at actually affecting the outcome of our decision making process in a way that you would like.’

  2. rockit55 says:

    Well that’s the corporate world for you.

  3. Rephlex says:

    The Philippines? Seriously?
    This thing screams “Mansion on a secluded Aspen mountain-face”.
    I mean how inconvenient of a location considering that garment selection has to be chosen out of season, right? I guess Yves Carcelle will have to dip into last years Spring collection for evening wear.

  4. Andres says:

    To be fair, this isn’t really a WIPO meeting, it is organised by the national IP office in conjunction with other organisations, including WIPO. I have participated in several of these, and they’re usually not included in the WIPO website.

  5. phisrow says:

    Has any slime-oozing spokesdrone stepped up to say that all “stakeholders” were suitably represented?

    For whatever reason, whenever those invited are described as being “stakeholders” it’s a fair bet that you aren’t going to like the guest list and certainly aren’t on it…

  6. benher says:

    Sometimes there just aren’t enough Libyan vegetable freezers…

  7. Andres says:

    Dear Nick,

    What I mean is that this is not an obscure and ominous secret meeting, it is one of the many pro-IP meetings organized by national IP officials in conjunction with WIPO and other institutions. As I mentioned, I am very familiar with the format having participated in several similar events. In my experience, WIPO’s involvement is very low key.

    I just don’t think there is anything remarkable about this particular meeting worthy of outrage.

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