Android Dreams: Time-lapse Tokyo Homage to Blade Runner

[Video Link]. Boing Boing reader Samuel Cockedey created this lovely short, and explains:

This is a tribute to Ridley Scott and Vangelis, whose work on Blade Runner has been a huge source of inspiration in my shooting time lapses. Please watch in HD with sound on! Shot over a year in Tokyo with a Canon 5dmk2, mainly in the Shinjuku area. Music: "Main Titles" and "Blush Response" from the Blade Runner soundtrack. More information on the process here.​ Selected sequences available for licensing here.


  1. That sky looks like the color of a television tuned to a dead channel.

    edit: Doh, that’s a Gibson quote. I always mix up my technoir writers.

  2. Vangelis’ score has held up so well to the test of time.  Most sci-fi soundtracks sound dated about the time they hit DVD (or VHS in the old days I guess).

    1. Speaking of dated scores, I hope someone, someday, completely redoes the soundtrack for Ladyhawke. It’s kind of traumatic to watch such a great film with such a horrific soundtrack.  :(

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