Brian Eno: Composers as Gardeners


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  1. taintofevil says:

    Stupid question: Does anyone know how tall Brian Eno is?  He looked really short on Colbert recently, and he was standing on something.

    Also, his “My life in the bush of ghosts” with David Byrne is pretty awesome.  Excerpts at

  2. irksome says:

    This only reinforces my desire, deeply held since the late-’70s, to bear Mr Eno’s love-child.

    Pity I’m a 53 yr old male.

  3. Jeremy Duncan says:

    I really wish I hadn’t been broke when he came to speak at Moogfest in Asheville this year.

  4. Jasonclock says:

    That photo…

    Press photographer: “Ok, great, stand right there so we can get a good shot of all those keyboards! Put your hand up so it looks like you’re playing the DX7. But face the camera though! Like that! That’s it!”

    Eno (thinking): “Please just die you fucking idiot.”

  5. UncaScrooge says:

    One of the great things about Brian Eno:  He always explains what he’s up to — which may be exceedingly technical in nature — in language that anyone can understand.  Even though I am a music tech-nerd, I greatly appreciate this aspect of his personality.

  6. niktemadur says:

    Ever since I heard “Music For Airports” back in the mid-eighties, Mr Eno has been a personal favorite, a fondness that only grew as I later discovered his extraordinary solo albums “Another Green World” and “Before And After Science”, as well as how Brian’s imprint was all over so many things I already loved (David Bowie, Talking Heads, Devo, etc).

    Many may call Mr Eno an egghead, but as it turns out, he has a wonderful, self-deprecating sense of humor that can be appreciated in a short “interview” with Dick Flash from Pork Magazine (the segment is titled “Talk To Pork”), concerning Eno’s 2010 solo release “Small Craft On A Milk Sea”, see if you can detect the Easter egg:

  7. 3William56 says:

    Odd video that – all but the first few seconds is a direct lift from Godfrey Reggio’s  Koyaanisqatsi which was scored by another minimalist music pioneer – Phillip Glass (and his music naturally fits it an awful lot better). Would have hoped that whoever put the video together would make more of an effort.

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