Sign the petition against SOPA/PROTECT-IP, and Ron Wyden will read your name into the Congressional record in an epic filibuster

As SOPA ("the worst Internet law in American legislative history") steamrolls its way through the House, the slightly less batshit senate version, PROTECT-IP, is also heading for passage. But Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) has vowed to block it with an epic filibuster in which he will read into the record the names of every American who signs the petition against the bill. If you want to be part of the historic effort to save the Internet from money, corruption, and depraved indifference to the side-effects of lining Hollywood's pockets, sign up NOW.

Wyden Call To Arms -- Ask Him To Read Your Name During Filibuster Of SOPA/PIPA Censorship Bills


  1. Sign me up!  Oh, wait, I just did that.

    Heh heh.  I hope this filibuster lasts a good long time.

    It’s amazing that they can’t agree to fix the budget, but they CAN get enough votes for something like this.  I guess the budget needs some big-money lobbyists.

    1. The trouble is that big money lobbyists are in fact the blockade with the US Budget.  So many special interests from the Military Industrial Complex, Medical Industrial Complex (Big pharma), College Industrial Complex, Agricultural Industrial Complex and numerous Union Leaders unwilling to accept cuts in unreasonable benefits. 

      Lest we forget the R’s won’t budge on war spending (save for folks like Ron Paul et al) and the D’s won’t budge on restructuring Medicaid/Medicare/SocialSecurity (save for a few reps who recognize it’s a ponzi scheme of another name). 

  2. I’m tempted to sign with the names of every single character from every novel by Charles Dickens. Among other things I just really like the idea of “Martin Chuzzlewit” being in the Congressional record.

    1. I’m tempted to sign with the names of every single character from every novel by Charles Dickens. Among other things I just really like the idea of “Martin Chuzzlewit” being in the Congressional record.

      Yeah, it would be really helpful to give Fox News a sound bite to run every twenty minutes to discredit the petition.

      1. Yeah, that’s a good point.  The thought of a senator standing up there on the floor and saying something like “Anita Amanda Huggenkiss” really tickled my fancy, but I gave real name.

  3. God damn. What does a person need to do to get accross the idea that NOT F**KING EVERYWHERE uses zip codes. give me a damn option not to put one in.
    And don’t try tell me this bill will only affect the states

      1. Undoubtedly. But personally, I think people from other countries should as well, since the US is proposing to illegally censor THEIR sites as well.

  4. Signed.

    And yea, if the headhunters come calling we’ll be high on their bag list, but there has to be appearances, at least for a time.

    Sure it’s hard not to, but try not donning the tinfoil. Do something productive, like figure out what alternatives would work. I”m looking at Freenet right now but I dunno.Anyone else have any ideas?

    1. Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway.

      In other words, send hard drives or SSDs or BluRay discs or DVDs or something via postal mail. Or even smuggle them, just like drugs.

      1. Sneakernet never dies. The bandwidth just keeps increasing with each new iteration of media. I was more concerned about cross country contacts more than file transfer. Mostly because it’s a selfish concern due to the fact I live in rural nowhereville.

  5. 6200 views on that video. Now, I might just be concern trolling, but it seems like maybe, just maybe, most Americans don’t have a clue that this is happening right now. There is a reason it is barreling its way through our fetid houses of government: Americans don’t want this.

    Someone should tell the Teapartiers. And the libertarians. This kind of government stuff is supposed to be their bane. And they do righteous anger pretty damn well. Seems like some righteous anger might be well in order here.

  6. I signed the internet petition, and soon received a no-reply email from the office of my congressman (Hal Rogers) saying I didn’t leave a valid 5th district address. I certainly did, but what could I do about it? Then I considered I may have made a typo, so I went back to the petition and it said I’ve already signed it. So I guess I’ve been told that that my participation will be ignored by my representative. I wonder how many others that’s happened to.

  7. I’m not American but am often there on business, can someone please tell me if the senate passes this bill does it get sent to the president or is there another vote that can stop it? thanks 

  8. My response to this is simple. Why in the hell are petition sites practically the ONLY web sites on the internet that you’re not allowed to opt out of emails from. I flat-out refuse to sign any more petitions from sites that pull that kind of bullshit. Particularly because some of them are very bad about acknowledging opt-out requests after the fact.

    And yes, that includes the site boingboing is directing us to in this article.

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