Science tricks to impress/distract your family


3 Responses to “Science tricks to impress/distract your family”

  1. Guest says:

    Screw that (and I mean that as nicely as possible). #OccupyConversation. 

  2. franklinsmith says:

    Why is sharing a “TEACHING” with your family considered only when needed for effect or manipulation – namely, here, “to impress/distract???” Why can’t sharing a TEACHING (even sharing a joke, for example) just be a status quo value (a standard) of what we EXPECT to be discussed in our home, daily – rather than our daily standard (?) discussion about the greatness of OTHER people, places, & things OUTSIDE of the home… especially “the weather” (ugh)? What values are we imparting/teaching in our homes? How are we being responsible in cultivating our children for a successful, healthy adulthood? …By celebrating/idolizing together the value of everything outside of the home? How absurd, me thinks! Folks, let’s make it happen at home!:)

  3. Lord Byte says:

    Science… How does it work?

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