Occupy Philly faces threat of eviction tonight


7 Responses to “Occupy Philly faces threat of eviction tonight”

  1. Finnagain says:

    Occasionally Occupy!

    “Occupy Philadelphia group called Reasonable Solutions that allows for people to protest at Thomas Paine Plaza, which is located across the street from City Hall, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. No tents or overnight camping will be allowed.”

    • Cocomaan says:

      I think City Hall’s action in granting the splinter group an occasional political activity pass shows their hand: this really isn’t about the renovation, but instead about closing down the camp.

      • PaulDavisTheFirst says:

        what do you think city hall would do if their hand really was about the renovation?

        • Cocomaan says:

          Probably nothing, hahaha

          • PaulDavisTheFirst says:

            I guess I don’t understand. City Hall says it wants to be able to proceed with a pre-planned, well documented renovation. They also appear to be saying that they can’t do so with Occupy in place. How would doing nothing futher their interests if it really was about the renovation? Are you suggesting that the renovation could go ahead even with Occupy in place?

  2. Marcus Pierce says:

    Note from Philly Occupier: Nothing happened and we’re still there

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