Vallee, Rucker, and Shirley at TedxBrussels


5 Responses to “Vallee, Rucker, and Shirley at TedxBrussels”

  1. miasm says:

    I felt that the calling into question of dimensionality as nothing more than the epiphenomenon of entropic consciousness was especially worth mentioning.

  2. koko szanel says:

    first guy mentioned Uri Geller while not joking or talking about fraud
    he appears to be an older person desperately looking for something deeper, meaning of life, greater force, in other words scientific version of a religious nut

  3. Someone says:

    Well that first video was a complete bowl of pseudo-scientific hogwash. Uri Gellar? Intentions causing future events?

    I’m surprised he didn’t bust out the “ever been thinking of someone and the phone rings and its them” chestnut. 

    He seems to be a seemingly intelligent person (or at least intelligent enough to appear intelligent), who’s dedicated to unprovable pontification.

    If the other presentations are as “fascinating” as this one I don’t think I’ll waste my time with them.

  4. You shouldn’t be so dismissive of Jacques Vallee. He is a serious scientist who has contributed very important work to deepen our understanding of the Mystery. I really enjoyed his talk and thank BB for bringing it to our attention.

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