Fate and the archaeologist


6 Responses to “Fate and the archaeologist”

  1. robotnik says:

    What a pisser.

  2. Mark Dow says:

    Pics, or he didn’t pee.

  3. Mike Burton says:

    You mean the Tutankhamen who was so minor that his tomb was buried under the detritus pile from Ramses VI’s tomb and nobody noticed for thousands of years?  I’m not sure they’re as  dissimilar as they appear.

  4. Ipo says:

    But did you know that his brother invented and patented the windshield wiper? 
    Heinrich von Preussen built one for his Opel and patented it in 1905. 

    • Culturedropout says:

      It was initially designed as an automatic squeegee, because the Kaiser often forgot to compensate for windage…

  5. Guest says:

    …and 99% of archeologists don’t go down in history at all. It’s a tough field; you take what you can get.

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