RAW Week: a letter from Robert Anton Wilson (1991)


I always liked getting letters from Robert Anton Wilson. He enjoyed playing with the fonts on his Mac. In this letter, he thanked me for sending him a copy of my self-published comic book, Toilet Devil (which was the name that Koko the Talking Ape called people she was upset with).



  1. Today I learned that the right reverend Mark F. and I lived within a few block of each other in 1991.  Huh.  Small world made all the smaller by the tubes.  

  2. Tangentially, I was surprised to find a copy of a comic-book adaptation of Illuminatus! as I inventoried my collection a couple years ago.  My dad must have bought it; he used to take me to the comic shop when I was little.

    I investigated further; IIRC only two issues were ever pubished.

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