Yahoo co-founder, former CEO Jerry Yang resigns from board and "all other positions"


16 Responses to “Yahoo co-founder, former CEO Jerry Yang resigns from board and "all other positions"”

  1. Kevin says:

    Is this a little sudden?

  2. Henry Pootel says:

    I miss their old headline style, where it would be like “Yahoo!  Jerry Yang to resign”

  3. pizzicato says:

    Feels like the last chapter of the dot com bubble has closed. Jerry can take a break well deserved break in Geocities.

  4. $16228947 says:

    Sometimes, I’m tempted to think that Yahoo! has stuck around longer than it should have. Maybe Jerry Yang sees this and thought it time to move on? I don’t know.

    • The Realist says:

      Yahoo is an internet marketing GIANT. They may need to do some carving, but they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

      • They’re a giant blackhole candidate (and I have to say SVG, web app portals and aggregators are doing fine,) but Forbes’ Eric Jackson likes them for a reorg whose cash management blue sky (…) sends the three companies up to a $30 YHOO. (As soon as Yahoo CMM2 takes sway in African and BRIC nations?)

  5. thowland says:

    Sadly, no longer resolves. End of the third (or fourth?) act.

  6. Guest says:

    Ya. Who?

  7. awjt says:

    Christ, what an asshoo.

  8. I remember my boss insisted that VRML and Web Portals would be The Next Big Thing. The next day I started mailing resumes.

  9. Festus says:

    Maybe to finish his degree at Stanford?

    He probably felt ashamed when he hung out with all the Titans of Industry and they showed him their diplomas.

  10. bobcorrigan says:

    “Today, I begin my long-delayed search for my missing ties,” said Yang in a statement that no one actually got to read.

    • Was that because it was on Yahoo news?

      [edit] That’s unfair, plenty of people read Yahoo news; it’s one of the best sources of a combination of ‘News You Can Read Anywhere’ and utter garbage.

      I think it’s also where YouTube gets its commenters.

  11. Teller says:

    Yang Can Book.

  12. Wordyeti says:

    Yahoo’s EVP, Ross Levensohn actually seemed to choke up when talking about this last night at the Digital Down Under conference here in L.A. Without explicitly stating why Yang is out, he referred to the blindingly fast pace of change in the online tech/content space, and said that it’s the biggest problem for him as an exec, and that “if you don’t keep up, you’re dead.” Check out the video:

  13. mercdem2 says:

    I’m rich b*tch! Going to africa like my man Dave Chapell!

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