Wikileaks van guy harassed again

DC-area photographer Chris Wieland writes in: "Stumbled upon the Wikileaks van guy getting searched by capitol police today!"

As if!


    1. A while back, I met an American guy who wore a t-shirt with the text “America – love it or leave it.” In Amsterdam, Europe.

      1. I live in Germany. I should get one of those shirts, too.

        (Off topic: Why is every word I write in a comment underlined for spell check?Well, every word except I, live, a and in.)

          1. Ah. Firefox doesn’t read the environment to set the spellcheck language. I didn’t even know I could change this, because it’s only happened on BoingBoing. Thanks.

          2. A few years ago, my spellcheck kept switching to French for absolutely no reason. Very annoying.

    1. I noticed that too.  If I was an officer I might stop him just to make sure it wasn’t going to fall off in traffic.  (Maybe it’s dented in the front causing the edge to flair, but it’s hard to tell from this angle.)

      1. JMB98115 below noted that it was sold on Ebay recently, so I checked the carfax link there out of curiosity. In the description the seller states “Front bumper is bent, but sturdily attached”: 

        10/25/2009 REAR IMPACT WITH A PARKED VEHICLE (Case #:0910250038)

        I’d have thought that meant rear of the van while backing, but whatever.

        In any event, what a perfect composition for the photo, with the capital, the globe graphic seemingly dripping onto the driver, the brand unobscured…

        And he’s wearing a t-shirt that says “New Jersey, only the strong survive.”

  1. Between the farce of a trial and a bullet to the back of the head in a Baghdad alley, I’m sure Pvt. Manning prefers the farce. What hand Hillary Clinton jacks off Vladimir Putin with should not be a Top Secret item, but I’m pretty sure that that nothing genuinely sensitive was actually taken or Manning would not be alive.

    1. No, there was plenty of sensitive material. We’ve lost considerable influence over several client states as a result. But killing Manning won’t plug the leaks. They feel compelled to make an example of him.

    2. I’ve heard Manning is on an unpleasant nude suicide watch and other ‘not-torture’ that’s meant to intimidate.

  2. 1996 called and they want a word with you. If you park a big-ass vehicle in front of a government building, questions will be asked.

      1. Though to be fair, the Supreme Court is directly behind the camera in those photos.  I doubt either of those things played a huge factor in the search, just pointing out the geography.  

        1. Indeed, Gideon. He is parked close enough to be able to make the top stories on the news for the next 2.5 months if the van were to be part of anything remotely out of the ordinary.

      2. There’s a permanent no-truck zone a few blocks around the Capitol in all directions.  He’s getting harassed about the same amount as every other U-Haul that drives into that zone.

      3. In today’s America you’ve just come up with a detailed plan for attacking the White House and electronically transmitted to your hordes of followers.  

        The Secret Service will now nuke you from orbit and Pakistan for good measure.

  3. He’s parked on the west side of the Capitol. Nothing but kickball players and no parking zones there…woah woah woah guys, I think we just solved our mystery!

  4. The scrutiny paid to this truck is more than a little ridiculous, as Clark has absolutely nothing to do with the actual organization Wikileaks (though they do retweet him from time to time).

  5. Wasn’t it Robert Anton Wilson who wrote about driving trucks around with “International Cocaine Smugglers” on the side?  Trucks that contained no cocaine.  You drive them around long enough for the cops to stop you multiple times, make a big stink about it, sue them for unlawful search and seizure, etc.  And then, after they stop, smuggle all the cocaine you want.

    International cocaine smuggling has nothing to do with wikileaks, it’s just one of those things the truck reminded me of.

  6. He could have more fun if he bought a van small enough to be permitted to drive around the Capitol buildings legally.That said, this photo is a keeper.

  7. If it has nothing to do with Wikileaks and is just art, we should be critiquing it as such. In my opinion the juxtaposition of the white van and the white capitol building with a symbol of the law dressed in black is poignant if it is not funny. One can imagine the words spoken, “so yeah, I’ve heard about this van, heh, would you mind if I take a peek at what’s inside? It’s a bit of a slow day pulling over prams and wheelchairs.”

  8. If it’s an art project, I spot the Man-Child! Just look at that law enforcement official’s frankly disturbingly large forehead.

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