Conjoined II art show in Santa Monica

 Wp-Content Uploads 2012 01 2 Christopher-Conte-La-Petite-Mort

Artist Chet Zar curated Conjoined II, a mind-bending group show that opens tomorrow night at Santa Monica's CoproGallery. Featured artists include Charles Krafft, Ron English, Jason Hite, and many others. Above is the absolutely stunning La Petite Mort, by Christopher Conte.

Chet Zar’s : Conjoined 2 in 3D / Copro Gallery / Jan 21 –Feb 11 (Ransom Notes)

You can see most of the art at the CoproNason site here.


  1. Whenever the terms “art” and “Santa Monica” come in the same sentence, I remember another, horrifyingly surreal sentence:  “Did you make parking reservations?”
    For those who haven’t been, I’m referring to the J. Paul Getty Museum and the parking policies implemented during times of extreme discrepancy in supply/demand.

    Parking reservations!  Only in LA, my man, only in LA.

  2. I’ve had the misfortune of getting the tip of my (ahem) stuck in a zipper, but this makes me think things I don’t wanna…

    Therefore: it works!

  3. This reminds me of an anatomy midterm I had once, where structures were tagged or pinned and we had to identify structure (or function, innervation or specific question relating the structure).  One tricky professor took a cadaver hip and half a pelvis (ilium) and dissected the muscles partially, positioned the humerus and  laid it down in such a way that the it resembled a shoulder.  If you weren’t careful, you identified the muscle tagged as part of the rotator cuff.  It was a remarkable teaching moment in evolutionary biology.  Thank you, Dr. Bakkum.

    I think “Assbite” is a better name for this one than Petit Mort.

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