Happy birthday to us


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  1. sylmobile says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Hirsty says:

    Huzzah! Here’s to 11 or more, more.

  3. def.con.one says:

    And long may it continue

  4. penguinchris says:

    I have to admit that I chuckled when I clicked the link and saw that first article. It’s come a long way from that :) (in its internet form I mean)

    Here’s to another twelve, and many more beyond.

  5. Cowicide says:


  6. Scott Elyard says:

    Oh, hey, Happy birthday! Many happy returns!

  7. Wreckrob8 says:

    Almost a teenager, now!

    • Bottle Imp says:

      I look forward to Boing Boing’s awkward teenage years. How will the blog respond when other blogs first give it that tingly feeling in its data centers? Will there be a terrified post when the blog first finds hair in strange new places?

  8. petz79 says:

    Happy birthday. I can’t believe I’ve been reading this site almost every day for over 12 years. Now I feel old.

  9. z7q2 says:

    Happy Birthday BoingBoing and Boingers! Enjoy your next trip around the sun!

  10. IamInnocent says:

    I guess that it is in cat years ?… may you have the longevity of the Unicorn ! HBBB !!

  11. Ashen Victor says:

    Happy BD BB!

  12. Huzzah!! Here’s to another 100 and 12.

  13. edthehippie says:

    happy happy birthday to one of my all time favorite websites !! most quoted !! most referred to !! most commented on !! happy happy HAPPY birthday and many many more !!! strong compliments to follow !! and , thank you all very much !!

  14. beslayed says:

    Unfortunately, it looks like Street Tech has ceased to have birthdays.

  15. pepik says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  16. Dr David Alan Gilbert says:

    make cake && eat cake;

  17. super says:

    Happy Birthday guys!! Great Job and wish you same in coming years ahead!

  18. elix says:

    Congrats, BB, and here’s to many more! :D

  19. zarray says:

    Happy bOINGbOING, birthday!

  20. OtherMichael says:

    I found BoingBoing online on Sept 12, 2001. I was searching for a Bruce Sterling reaction to some current events, but instead I found him linking to BoingBoing. what? Online? hooray!

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