BB Video: Mastodon's "Dry Bone Valley," animated by Tim Biskup


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  1. darkstar70 says:

    And the album cover art is AJ Fosik

    • benher says:

      This was the first time in years I bought an album based merely on the cover. I just can’t get enough of it – thanks for sharing the name, I thought it might have been done by Tim Biskup as well. 

  2. Bionic92 says:

    It’s so bizarre that it’s epic.

  3. gadfly says:

    Eerie how much this reminds me of a hallucination I had in college…

  4. ciacontra says:

    I loves me some Mastodon but that video seems like the kind of visualization plugin that will just come standard with Winamp in a couple years.

  5. Sinchy says:

    I’m not sure if scaling and opacity changes can really be considered animation.  Despite some of the images being interesting the video is a one trick pony as far as action and I can’t tell if there is any story going on.  I like the song OK.  Best Mastodon songs IMHO are Capilarian Crest, Colony of Birchmen, and Megalodon.

  6. verbusen says:

    That was cool! A lot of haters on Youtube though. Too bad MTV will show MDK and not this!

  7. princeminski says:

    Why is Jim Flora disciple Biskup directing a headbanger video? The YouTube comments sound like the posters routinely huff industrial cleaning products.

  8. Trevcaru says:

    Looks very amateurish. A simple zoom in effect played out throughout the video. Kind of gets boring. Looks like its very half-a$$. The pictures themselves look pretty cool though.

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