"My Favorite Museum Exhibit": A 13-pound gold nugget


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  1. Alan says:

    That’s $382,427.81 worth of gold, for those of you who are counting.  Give or take.  

    • Jubilex says:

      Might be worth alot more – that’s raw gold – typically diluted to 24k before they weigh it for value :)

    • lastboyonearth says:

      Remember that gold is priced in “Troy Ounces” (absurd, but real!)
      13.8 lb ->  453.59 g/lb = 6259.6 g
      6259.6 g ->  31.1034 g/troy oz = 201.25 troy ounces

      201.25 oz  x  $1725/oz = $347,156

      And yes, it’s not going to be totally pure. More likely a natural amalgam of 80% Au and 20% Ag.But 24k *is* the totally pure form of gold.

  2. awjt says:

    I bet there’s a bunch of these just sitting around at the bottom of a crater on the moon.  So THAT’S what Newt is up to.

  3. MrsBug says:

    was found in 1865, during the Gold Rush, it’s kind of a wonder, in and of itself, that the thing survived intact.

    They just couldn’t find an envelope big enough to send it to Cash 4 Gold.

  4. Ohhhsnap says:


  5. niktemadur says:

    So that’s what the chunks of a supernova explosion look like.

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