Artist Mike Kelley, RIP


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  1. Chicago_SC says:

    I think I’ll have to play Sonic Youth Dirty today.

    • twodimensionalme says:

      I was actually listening to Sonic Youth right now (Goo).
      I didn’t listen to Sonic Youth for a very long time, but today I felt like to do it.
      I call it coincidence, nothing really strange.

      The cover of Dirty is my favourite album’s cover ever.
      The booklet of the Deluxe edition of Dirty is a piece of art.

      Thanks, Mike. I enjoyed your stuff.

  2. liquidstar says:

    Kelly s work was amazing.  A sad day.

  3. Karl Ramberg says:

    Very sad. Mike Kelly was a true artist and his work is among the greatest of his generation.

  4. mike k says:

    As a fellow Mike Kelley, I’m sad to see him go. It was through the names, that I discovered his art. I’ll also add, I’m gonna miss getting the occasional invite/package to my door, meant for the Artist Mike Kelley, not me

  5. ryuchi says:

    i remember this guy from the very first numbers of Juxtapose magazine

  6. BarBarSeven says:

    I never really understood his work that well until I saw this piece. The night table with a cluster of melted candles… Not too sure why, but this made his whole POV click with me.

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