Retro Apple iPhone cases


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  1. FourFeetOfCurl says:

    Oh, man.  An iPhone in Apple’s old “Snow White” design language?  I’ll take three, please.

  2. michael b says:

    I’m terribly sorry, but $45 dollars for a piece of plastic/rubber molded to the shape of my iPhone, regardless of cool graphics, is absurd.  One of the very things I loathe about my iPhone.  Accessory envy, and the premium attached to anything that connects to it.  The “phone” is pretty cool though.

    • mbourgon says:

      You can pretty much buy cases all day long on eBay/amazon for $10.

      • penguinchris says:

         But not ones with cool design. You’re paying for the design work, not the cost of manufacturing and materials (which is all you’re paying for when you buy a case on ebay).

        That said, I think these are cool idea-wise but are kind of lacking in execution (looks cheap and slapped together).

  3. johne2 says:

    Make an Apple II one and I’m there.

  4. Joe Mahoney says:

    At their prices, one would assume they have a license from Apple. Otherwise how can these things be $45?!?

    • bluest_one says:

       > Otherwise how can these things be $45?!?

      Because, market analysis reports indicate that people who buy Apple, overpay?

  5. Hugh Johnson says:

    How soon we forget the programmers button.

  6. Ethan says:

    Now all I need is someone to design a case for my Samsung Droid Charge that makes it look like a Commodore 64.

  7. LinkMan says:

    Looks more Mac SE than Mac Classic, no?

  8. YamaraTheGod says:

    Is the Classic case signed by all the designers on the inside?

  9. Dan Hibiki says:

    the blue part isn’t even transparent, it’s some cheap sticker.

  10. Halloween Jack says:

    I just got a 4S, and I’m interested in some case options besides the plain Belkin that I got to go with it, but at nearly a quarter of what I paid for the phone itself? Yee-heekers! 

  11. kmoser says:

    I want a case that makes it look like a DynaTAC.

  12. leidentech says:

    It’s only worth it if that’s a working SCSI port.

  13. AC Missias says:

    I want these options for my iPod Touch!!!!

  14. Kenneth Hall says:

    How about one that looks like a NeXTCube?

  15. larryy says:

    And they’re gone.

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