Retro Apple iPhone cases

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Schreer Delights is selling these fun iPhone cases until, as Gizmodo writes, they get "sued into oblivion." I dig the Mac Classic model but I would prefer a faux Netwon case, like the one someone sketched out a couple years ago. Schreer Delights (Thanks, Ari Pescovitz!)


  1. Oh, man.  An iPhone in Apple’s old “Snow White” design language?  I’ll take three, please.

  2. I’m terribly sorry, but $45 dollars for a piece of plastic/rubber molded to the shape of my iPhone, regardless of cool graphics, is absurd.  One of the very things I loathe about my iPhone.  Accessory envy, and the premium attached to anything that connects to it.  The “phone” is pretty cool though.

      1.  But not ones with cool design. You’re paying for the design work, not the cost of manufacturing and materials (which is all you’re paying for when you buy a case on ebay).

        That said, I think these are cool idea-wise but are kind of lacking in execution (looks cheap and slapped together).

    1.  > Otherwise how can these things be $45?!?

      Because, market analysis reports indicate that people who buy Apple, overpay?

  3. I just got a 4S, and I’m interested in some case options besides the plain Belkin that I got to go with it, but at nearly a quarter of what I paid for the phone itself? Yee-heekers! 

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