Happy Metal from Meshuggah guitarist


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  1. Maddy says:

    Did I miss the singing, some how?  Didn’t notice any singing at all on this video.  The “angry growl” is pretty much de rigueur of contemporary metal, sorta the way Eddie Veddar’s 90s phrasing became the quick way to articulate alternative …

  2. Shinydan says:

    While I agree this is awesome, isn’t “technical” just a euphemism for “prog”?

    • Greg says:

      Technical just means the music requires a good deal of instrumental proficiency, while progressive means it also experiments with different structures, sounds, etc.

      So a band could be technical without really being progressive (i.e. Arsis), and vice versa (i.e. Sigur Ros).

  3. Andrew Menke says:

    Why is there a piece of duck tape on the upper strings of his guitar?

  4. Greg says:

    For metal that actually sounds happy, please investigate Fang Island: 

  5. For more hot Morgan Agren action, try this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rts6DfRd_A

  6. Val Lindsay says:

    Is this happy? Hmmm, maybe not. But similar to your post, it’s an instrumental of the song and the flying fingers and ascertaining the notes played make me very happy. Thanks for the  video, btw. :)


  7. David Pescovitz says:

    “Happy” is a reference to the grins on their faces as they play.

  8. autark says:

    Meshuggah is not just a Swedish death metal band… they are *THE* Swedish death metal band. Definitive.

    Also responsible for coining their own genre: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Djent

    Worth noting: there are a slough of Yiddish words related to Meshuggah that mean “crazy”, which is an apt description of their music.

  9. splashu says:

    If you like that you should enjoy the cartoony metal stylings of Mattias ‘IA’ Eklundh:


  10. Martijn says:

    I think this would sound a lot better without the guitar. That drummer is amazing!

  11. Owen Davis says:

    I think the singer (Jens Kidman) is fantastic, but if you don’t like his singing, try this Lady Gaga + Meshuggah mashup:


  12. Dan Groom says:

    For a different take on Meshuggah vocals – this guy doing ‘Bleed’ acapella is awesometastic


  13. Big fan of Meshuggah here. I am the admin over at the Meshuggah Forum http://www.tandjent.com/meshforum . This video is many years old (a classic) and it is from a Swedish TV show called Trum where Morgan Agren would show drumming technique and would have a special guest to play each time. Fredrik and Morgan are playing a medly from Fred’s 1997 solo project Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects – Sol Niger Within. If you aren’t a fan of Meshuggah vocals you certainly won’t like the vocals on this but it is still monumentally awesome.

    Morgan is a world class drummer and you should definitely check out  his work with Mats/Morgan.


  14. Shane Simmons says:

    The, uh, commentary on this video cracks me up.  Martin Lopez, formerly of Opeth:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJt_4Gafq6g

  15. Donald Petersen says:

    The happy grins remind me of every garage jam I’ve ever been in, when the music is going great and there isn’t an audience to impress.  Man, that’s fun.  I even heartily approve of the muted upper strings (I could swear that’s a seven-string, not an eight-string guitar) since I’m rather a devotee of chunky metal rhythm playing, but I’m too square for math metal.  I was just crying for a straightforward 4/4 backbeat.

  16. Cowicide says:

    Ah man, I was hoping it was going to be something like this from the Melvins:


  17. Fletcher Harrington says:

    it’s a 7 string guitar if i’m not mistaken, and the reason he has a guitar with extra strings and yet mutes 3 of those, is because the remaining strings are lower in pitch than typical 6 string guages.  It suits his metal playing.  For those of you who think this would sound better without the guitar.. you must have missed the synergy – aka the reason for this post.

  18. federico says:

    i’m very much enjoying the recent influx of metal related posts on the blog. happy to realize there are many other metalhead boingers.

  19. slowtiger says:

    Could get interesting if he teams up with Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew.

  20. It’s in my top ten of favorite albums. (There’s only the one album for now; BoingBoing are about 15 years late to the party there, but the video I guess is only 10 years old, so that’s okay). Do you see that piece of duct tape on his guitar? That’s so the three higher strings (on the, uhm, 8 string? Not sure if he was using the 8 string back then already or if this is the somewhat less outlandish 7 string) don’t accidentally pick up any vibration and make the guitar sound less bass-heavy. That video is not the album version of the song: it’s sort of a medley of some of the songs from the album, and it’s a little bit improvisation as well, which is insane.

    You should totally check out the lyrics. Here’s “Death at both Ends”:

    parallel dimensions: on frequencies sublime.
    hidden for millenia to earthbound mind.
    girded with lies.reality until now.
    delusional abbreviation.
    unearthly codes deciphered at last.
    an eternal presence. a moment without a past.
    reality transfigured. still the same.
    in deafening silence. all things flow.
    a pulsating vessel.
    presence: rising. falling. in and out.
    the eschaton is calling from the end of time.

    That last line? Pretty good. These lyrics are the apotheosis of pretentious metal word-smithing, and yet they go beyond being a parody, beyond thesaurus-penis-pride and do their own thing. They’re the only thing that makes sense with this music.

    This is the full album:  http://grooveshark.com/#!/album/Sol+Niger+Within/4745840 

    Here are the lyrics:  http://www.darklyrics.com/lyrics/fredrikthordendalsspecialdefects/solnigerwithinversion333.html New album coming this year!

    As for happy metal, this is happy metal:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWiVl8QChSM

    • It’s an Ibanez 7620 7-string. Meshuggah were not using 8 strings back then. They didn’t start using them until after Nothing. Nothing was recorded using 7 strings tuned as the top strings of an 8 string guitar.

  21. lumpygravy2 says:

    Not impressed.  Doodling is doodling, no matter they ‘style.’  Too dam lazy to actually write and arrange a real track.

  22. lumpygravy2 says:

    Vanity is buying a guitar with more than 6 strings and then muting the extra strings.

  23. That’s some of the best jazz I have ever heard.

  24. Mat Linnett says:

    Personally, I like this take on Slayer’s “Angel of Death”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHo6I_AFCzo

  25. Behold666 says:

    Meshuggah has never been a “technical death metal” band.

  26. Jonas Eliasson says:

    As a  Swede, I would just like to point out that the clip is from a show on UR = utbildningsradion = the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company: “a public-service corporation dedicated to serving the needs of the Swedish general public by providing educational programming on radio and television”.

    That’s my tax dollars at work!

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