An LCD pixel and a grain of sand are roughly the same size

Cary Huang's amazing Scale of the Universe animation has been updated—now with a better format, extra background information about the objects whose sizes are being compared, and more opportunities to blow your mind. "Holy sh$#! The Grand Canyon is bigger than Rhode Island?"


      1. When I follow the link it goes straight to The Scale of the Universe. It appears to be hosted on an outcropping of 4chan, but I’m not seeing the link redirecting to 4chan proper. Can you guys see The Scale of the Universe at all? 

        1. The link took me straight there, save an advertisement. It’s a very beautiful page, with a good mix of different types of things – at the small end these things sometimes only focus on human cells, or small technology, or so on.

        2.  Still redirecting for me.  Running Firefox 10.0 on WinXP Pro 5.1 SP3.  (Yeah, I know, not my machine).  Perhaps I can’t process the .swf …

          Nope, that worked elsewhere.  Maybe it’s a filter.  Not sure how it filters out the file, but then allows me onto 4chan. 

          Whatever.  I’ll look at it when I get home.

        3. The best place to send people to would be as it’s the original source

          it’s amusing to see the Drudge report link to the same page, and fall victim to the same circumstance: is the image server for 4chan, and it only retains files as long as their parent thread or post remains on the board (which is only until enough new threads/posts are made to push it off the bottom of the page) IOW, you along with many others have fallen victim to 4chan’s “impermanent link”

      1.  4chan is… the Mos Eisley (sp?) of the internet.  While some of the boards contain useful information and discussion about a very wide variety of subjects (cars, cooking, etc…), some boards should be avoided for the sake of sanity and/or legality.  In general, avoid /b/, /e/, /h/, and /r/.  /b/ is, by far, the worst offender though it is also the source of the overwhelming majority of memes on the ‘net.

      2.  Oh, and to truly answer your question, let’s summarize by saying that /b/ features just about every type of pornographic material or racist joke known to mankind.  They’ve tried to stamp out the child porn, but it still shows up from time to time.

      3. 4chan is the heart of the internet, the source of most memes and endlessly recursive trolling. The median age is probably about 20, but really it’s impossible to tell. /b/ in particular, but arguably the whole thing, has made offensiveness for its own sake into a sophisticated art. It’s a place where morons pretend to be geniuses and geniuses pretend to be morons, and every vile opinion is magnified. It is very, very silly.

  1. Reminds me of the opening few moments in “Contact“, which I was lucky enough to see in a stadium theater and at the time even thought to myself “We are *WAY* out here… no one who sees this at home, now matter how sweet the home theater, is going to appreciate the scale of this like those of us getting to see it on a 75′ screen”.

  2. IANAC (I am not a cosmologist), but I’m pretty sure the big end is completely wrong. The 93 billion light year diameter is in fact the observable universe, not the entire universe. The radius can be bigger than 14 billion years because space has been expanding that whole time, such that while the light has only (lol) traveled 14 billion light years, the space it traveled has gotten bigger since it passed through. The actual universe doesn’t even have an estimated size, AFAIK (how could it?), but it wouldn’t be a circle and it wouldn’t have a center or edges.

    Perhaps an actual cosmologist could either confirm or straighten me out.

  3. Too bad he removed the Rubik’s cube on this version. That was my favorite item on the previous version.   :o(

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