18 Responses to “Crossing into Syria: a plea from the Free Syrian Army”

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  2. Adam Bucci says:

    i’m willing to bet once the syrian gov’t sees this video they’ll know exactly where that fsa hut is thanks to our intrepid reporter’s identification of the house with the red roof as the one the army are in. how many red roofed houses along the syria/turkey border occupied by troops can there be?

  3. C Tharp says:

    The party passes a miraculously un-occupied Turkish guard tower which oversee what one would assume borders a hotbed of Syrian refugee exodus. Trekking through very dangerous, “back mountain passes”,  with no evidence of provisions ie. backpacks full of water and supplies (unless the poor camera guy was tasked with carrying all of it).  Dude pulls out a microphone (why?) and proceeds to divulge to anyone watching the exact location of a blue FSA tent and goes on to tell us how he does not want to divulge the location of this tent (WTF).  No hand-held microphone necessary during their actual movement.
    Redbull!!?  Dude looks like he’s taking a day hike up the Sierra’s with his hand-held water bottle . And then he proceeds to convince a mess of Syrian rebels to be willing to go on camera on the strength of his promise to blur out their faces in post production?

    Am I the only person who think this is a bit odd?

  4. qualtrough says:

    This is clearly a civil war, but the picture we get is very one-sided. Whatever the case, it is not our struggle and we should stay far away for our benefit and the benefit of the Syrian people. We have done enough damage in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya,  and elsewhere to last many lifetimes.

    • ultranaut says:

      It’s a civil war in the technical sense. Whatever the fuck is going on, the Syrian elites (Assad, et al.) have clearly gone off the deep end and are disconnected from the global narrative in a very similar manner to the other monstrous regimes of recent history. Their shit is fucked, it’s only a matter of time.

      • Rindan says:

        Syria is screwed.  Assad basically has no choice at this point.   He  has two options.  He can either restore his rule, or die along with a sizable minority of the population.  If there is one lesson to walk away with, it is that if you are a minority and you have a chance to seize power and forcefully hold it… don’t.    You simply can’t maintain that grip forever, and when you let go, the absolute best you can hope for is to do it as peacefully as South Africa did it.  More likely, you are going to get something that looks like Rwanda.
        The window for Assad to handover power in a manner that wouldn’t result in the genocide of the non-Sunnis has come and gone, and he knows it.  Assad will almost certainly fall at some point, but it is going to be a horrible and bloody affair.  A lot of Sunni are going to die removing him, and then a lot of Alawi and Christians are going to die retribution when he is gone.  The best you can hope for is that people come to there senses before the blood shed has gotten too bad.

    •  The reason we’ve fucked up those countries is because we didn’t go to help; we went to exploit.

      I don’t see why the UN shouldn’t get involved – it’s a humanitarian issue in my eyes, not one of war.

  5. ultranaut says:

    Syria is so beautiful. Once Syrians replace terrorists with tourists shit is gonna be fucking awesome. 

  6. polarbay says:

     But for real you guys think the liberation armies of Kosovo, Libya, Syria etc are such? They are partisan covertly supported by a foreign government with a political aim. Liberation armies only have legitimacy in the case of a military invasion, period. Otherwise they are so malicious as the governments they try to overthrow. Assad, by the way have the support of the majority of the people, not just the religious and a group within the country. This is a civil war, no more.

    • travtastic says:

      Assad, by the way have the support of the majority of the people

      Your opinion has been noted, Mr. Assad.

      • polarbay says:

        You should travel more my friend, or at least read more. Every expert knows that Assad has the support of a majority if not his government would have fallen long ago.  He was last reelected in 2007, true in a unopposed referendum, but while is true there is no other candidates, if people don’t like him, the party would have to select another. Is a failed democracy, but not much of what I have witnessed in the US this century. http://www.smh.com.au/world/assad-support-still-strong-as-syrians-vote-on-reforms-20120226-1twcn.html

        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          Every expert knows that Assad has the support of a majority if not his government would have fallen long ago.

          I can’t tell if you’re being ironic or you’re really the most politically naive person in the galaxy.

    • rtb61 says:

       When you have the support of the majority of your people you tend not to use artillery and tanks as anti-public opinion devices. Once you use those devices upon your own cities, then any claims of popular support are a lie.
      An attempt at forming a new monarchy, autocratic rule upon a hereditary basis, is now opposed by the majority. True to form once monarchies have gained power it can only be taken from them by force and the monarchy will continue killing those that oppose up until the monarchy is captured and executed.

  7. JayeRandom says:

    Rob, if you have a way to contact William Gagen, ask him to take down that Youtube video and replace it with one edited to reveal less information to the Syrian government.  Until he does so, I strongly recommend that you take this post down, if you value the lives of anyone living in the places shown in this video.

    • Cowicide says:

      I strongly recommend that you take this post down

      I don’t think you understand how the internet works.  This would accomplish nothing.

  8. Cowicide says:

    Perhaps a bit more context on the potential situation in Syria:

    In Syria ‘It’s Not A War, It’s A Massacre’

  9. wrybread says:

    Something tells me William Gagan deeply admires Geraldo Rivera.

  10. Rindan says:

    First, tone it down with the caps and exclamation points.  It makes you look frantic and kind of dumb.

    Second, that petition is so meaningless it hurts.  Exactly what action is that petition suggesting?  Bomb the Syrian army into submission?  Send in ground troops to evacuate civilians to some country that wants a few million more people?  Kick over the regime?  An angrily worded letter to the UN?

    The fact of the situation is that we have exactly three options. 
    1) Do nothing.  The “do nothing” resolution includes trying to hand this off to the UN.  So long as Russia and China sit on the security council, it is literally impossible to have a binding resolution.  The general assembly, the body that can pass resolutions without getting a big fat veto from Russia or China, can do nothing more exciting than send a harshly worded letter Syria’s way.

    2)  Invade without UN support.  Russia and China will never authorize a resolution that allows a UN supported invasion, so if that is the rout you take, you go it alone.  You can invade by air (like in Libya) or by ground.  Once you are there, you can choose your own adventure as to what to do next.  You can kick over the government and occupy.  You can simply kick over the government and leave.  You will be able to get humanitarian aid in, but well, you are going to kill a lot of people in the process, spend a lot of money, and piss off everyone.

    3)  Covertly help the resistance.  Again, this would be done without UN support because China and Russia would never allow it.  You can covertly help the resistance by dropping of supplies, blowing up tanks with drones, etc.  You probably won’t save many lives in the short term, but if Assad is doomed, you might be able to hasten his exit.  We did this in Afghanistan with the Soviet Union invaded.  Yeah… long term results may vary.

    It looks to me like your petition advocates option 1, because it certainly isn’t call for 2 or 3.  Send all the harshly worded letters you want to Assad, but you would find your day far more product if you just went into the bathroom and jerked off.  At least that would accomplish something.

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