Lux's vibrobot

[Video Link] David and his son Lux built this Vibrobot, featured in Make: Projects. It's the best one I've come across!


  1. Thanks to Mark for providing the scavenged motor!

    My son (5) says it’s a robot mouse and next he’d like to build a robot cat to chase it around.

  2. I know I’m kind of a jerk for saying this, but a motor in series with a battery hardly strikes me as robotlike. If you had some control and feedback, a la light seeking mousebot, you could make an argument, but this is ridiculous.

      1. Best laugh I’ve had all day.  And also, did I hear correctly that David’s son’s name is Lux?  If so, I like him even more now.

        And awesome robot building, chaps!

      2. This is the best reply in the history of ever. Can we get you to post to other comment threads as well? Do you do requests?

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