Chameleon on the head of a match

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This fellow is Brookesia micra, a tiny chameleon species newly discovered on the island of Madagascar. Seen here is a juvenile, but even an adult only reaches approximately one inch long. According to National Geographic, "Scientists (from Germany's Zoological State Collection) think the diminutive new chameleon species might represent extreme cases of island dwarfism, whereby organisms shrink in size due to limited resources on islands." "Unmatched Among Chameleons?"


  1. Puts me in mind of the old Ivor Cutler piece: “A fly crouching in a sandwich, cannot comprehend why it has become more than ordinarily vulnerable”.

  2. And then his nails rub a little too much against the  match head and ignite it, horrifying the photographer as the mini chameleon wails in pain and dies.

  3. “It enters through the ear and wraps itself around the cerebral cortex, making the victim very susceptible to…suggestion.”

  4. even an adult only reaches approximately one inch long

    So what’s that in terms of sumo wrestlers?

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