Trompe l'oeil graffiti vanishes Egyptian military barrier

Noordijk sez, "Egyptian graffiti artists make this military street barrier 'disappear.'"

Sheikh Rihan mural


  1. Are we sure that this isn’t just another attempt by Wile E. (“Supergenius”) Coyote to trick the Roadrunner?

  2. In the area where I live, it would probably take about 5 minutes before someone diddling around with their cell phone slammed into it at full speed. 

    They rarely give enough attention to driving to stay out of my lane, pesky tasks such as figuring out if the scenery is a painting or not would be asking a bit much.

  3. this works for me on many levels    love it  ambigous nature of art piece  wall into freedom   space of alterity = mirror space  lovely to look at, mimics structure of wall nicely – probably risky to do

    1.  could be wrong, but comparing the pictures it looks like the litter isn’t quite in the same place. Some of it is, but other pieces look like they’ve moved to me. Maybe just the change in contrast, though? It makes sense that they’ve be taken from the same vantage point, considering the effect, and they must have been taken at nearly the same point in time, but my guess is: separate photos of the same subject.

      1. They’re different shots. 
        As you surmised, they were from the same position/perspective, and at approximately the same time.
        It’s a touchy subject for me, since in the past my photos have been ripped-off, had rights/attrib removed, used for commercial purposes without consent, etc. Also visited Egypt mid last year, and saw a lot of what’s going on first-hand.
        That said, my initial comment was unwarranted, and could have been prevented if I’d fact-checked things.
        After comments between photographer and me, I retracted my hasty accusation, and apologised.

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