The weird glowing millipedes of Alcatraz


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  1. dannyvrod says:

    “Only that’s not what happened … not at all.”

  2. theophrastvs says:

    hnh, it’s not clear, given the mixed references whether these guys are actually generating their own light; as it references “bioluminescent” (zB fireflies), or have a not uncommon chemical (e.g. many scorpions) in their exoskeleton that shifts UV into the (human) visible, as it references: “fluorescent”.  given the photo, i’d guess the latter and wander away with a shrug.  …still i think an industry could be made to harvest these guys and cruelly use them as in-yer-face jewelry

  3. OtherMichael says:

    It’s all the drugs their mothers took back in the sixties.

    That, or MK-Ultra.

    Or, hell — BOTH!

  4. Lobster says:


  5. robdobbs says:

    I’m confused: 

    Some millipedes species are known to fluoresce under black light, but National Park Service officials say it is the first recorded evidence of such millipedes on Alcatraz… 

    California is known for being the only place in the world with bioluminescent millipedes.

    • jere7my says:

      They’re known to exist elsewhere in California, and nowhere else, but this is the first time they’ve been found on Alcatraz.

      These little guys are approximately nine times more interesting than anything that’s happened on Alcatraz, a show I really wanted to like.

  6. All it needs to be a Burroughs cover is a syringe.

  7. Millipedes? On my island?

  8. esquire says:

    Ummm, does noone remember that in 1996,  Dr. Stanley Goodspeed saved San Francisco (maybe all of California/earth??) from destruction by deadly VX gas-armed rockets?? 

    That’s what’s makin your bugs glow.

  9. Snig says:

    It’s how you tell which millipedes have had too many gin and tonics.

  10. OriGuy says:

    It has to be said:  I, for one, welcome our many-legged fluorescent overlords.

  11. bardfinn says:

    ” …a new species to evolve, though it would take millennia for that to happen.”

    [Citation Needed]

  12. bytefyre says:

    I don’t know why but I find millipedes to be incredibly fucking unsettling

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