Closing week of Toronto's G20 hacker trial: hackers love explosions


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  1. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    But but but what about the mystery crystals mixed with clay?!!?!?

  2. matlockexpressway says:

    Next up: Canada bans action movies. Too much action. And way too many explosions. (Won’t somebody think of the explosions?)

    Implosions, however, remain completely legal.

  3. satn says:

    I’m guessing the chemical factory explosion video they shared is the one of the rocket fuel plant that exploded near vegas. Pretty harmless and relevant when discussing the dangers of making rocket fuel.

  4. liquidstar says:

    i ve linked the Scanners scene to friends many times, it s a famous classic horror moment – does that mean im a terrorist?   the legal systems need to literalize  content is idiotic.  ON a darker note, while it obvious that Sonne should have obtained the necessary permits, I still sense a deep suspiscion on the part of authorities (state corporate or other) towards individual citizens able to conduct advanced scientfic projects on a personal basis.  It seems to betray a deep distrust of the individual in our society.

  5. John Maple says:

    Does the government there actually have some kind of tangible proof of intent?  
    I mean Jean Sibelius liked to blow up stuff and he wrote music.
    I hope this poor fellow is compensated for the government’s foolishness.

  6. There were two relevant news stories that kicked off intense discussions about explosions.


    High Park Area:

  7. teapot says:

    Explosions are cool!

    I also have an interest in explosions.

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