Robot band performs "Come Together"


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  1. The only robot band I want to see do covers is Kraftwerk.

  2. kent williams says:

    If they’re robots, why are they having so much trouble playing in time?  Is there some indeterminate lag in their programming?

    • schr0559 says:

      Might be indeterminate lag with some of the physical motions.  The time it takes the robot limbs to hit the kick drum, snare, and that pipe bass thing may not all be the same, or vary between instances of the same motion due to mechanical factors.

      A few milliseconds of drift between instruments is enough to distract fleshbags like us.  

  3. Wayne Dyer says:

    Don’t mean to cast aspersions — but  since this can all could be triggered by MIDI the real achievement is creating the mechanism and software to play the “real” instrument based on MIDI commands.  Similar to the current generation of player pianos.  Can’t tell from the description if it’s really deeper than that.  

  4. Daniel Orf says:

    If you like this, you should check out a “band” called Catured! By Robots.  It’s one guy and a team of electro-pneumatic robots playing mostly punk songs.  This guy has been touring for years and even sets up and tears down the production night after night and drives everything to the next town via RV.

  5. Somewhere, Dr. Steel is smiling.

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