Campervan expands into motorhome, of sorts


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  1. Bad Juju says:

    And if you’re in the US, you can not has.  It would  be remarkable enough to get that most recent version of the Transporter here..but considering the Eurovan’s abysmal sales, I somewhat doubt it.

  2. Spinkter says:

    must…   have…    doubleback…    van…

  3. Dan Hibiki says:

    I like Jeremie’s better.

  4. Marktech says:

    From the site:

    When the legs have extended the weight it can hold is up to 600kgs.

    Presumably “up to” 600kgs, dead load; I couldn’t help wondering how those legs would perform under smaller cyclic loads.  If you see what I mean.

  5. Flashman says:

    The VW van by itself is already big enough to live inside comfortably, without all this extra cost and complexity. If you need more space, get a Sprinter.

  6. The ride must be HIDEOUS with those wheels and the weight from the extra gear.

    • jandrese says:

      I don’t think anybody buying this van expects it to post a good time on the Nuremburg Ring.  Really, this just seems to be a step between a conversion van and an full on camper van.  The price tag looks a might high to my American eyes though.  I’m betting you can get yourself a real nice full size camper for $87k. 

      • wrybread says:

        > I’m betting you can get yourself a real nice
        > full size camper for $87k.  

        But then you couldn’t park in a regular parking space, or drive down dirt roads, or even drive into parking lots without worrying about getting stuck. Big RVs are great for interstates, but interstates are no fun.

        I think the American market is badly underserved by small RVs. I’m not saying I think the van in this article is a good option (I think its ridiculous), but I appreciate the attempt. I have a 1990 Ford Chinook camper, which at 20 feet is considered tiny by American RV standards, although I consider it a bit too big. But oddly there’s a cult market for them since they’re one of the only decent smaller RVs around.

        That said, I think Westys and all the VW conversions are too small. My first campervan was a 1980 Westphalia, and setting aside the fact that it broke down all the damn time, it was just a small step up from camping in the station wagon I had before it. I stand by the maxim that a camper without a furnace isn’t a camper. And if your camper doesn’t have a little diner nook where at least 4 people can sit comfortably and take in the scenery, you’re doing it wrong.

  7. Take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling…

  8. I’ve promised my wife I’d eventually renovate a Westie for her. Now I just have to make sure she never sees this photo.

  9. musesum says:

    Oil? MPG? Nature? Tread softly? Tent? 

  10. Lemoutan says:

    Who designed it? H R Giger?

  11. falnfenix says:

    $87k for a Class B is pretty average.

  12. gnp says:

    I dunno, does it have all the features of the Altra 1971 Camping Car?

  13. putty says:

    Clicked the link hoping for a Jacques Tati reference…  Leaving satisfied.

  14. Listener43 says:

    Am I the only one hoping for a Beethoven reference?

  15. Michael Rasmussen says:

    Looking forward to the stories about the 87 Westy.  An 89 is my primary vehicle

  16. I thought it was a hearse.

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