Snoop Dogg's smokable book

Snoop Dogg (formerly Snoop Doggy Dogg) has a new book out and it's printed on rolling papers. Each page is printed with lyrics and perforated for easy use. Designed by the Pereira & O'Dell agency, "Rolling Words" is bound in hemp and the spine is a match-striking surface. The book is a promotion for the rapper's new line of Snoop Dogg Kingsize Rolling Papers.

"You Can Smoke Snoop Dogg’s New Book. No, Really." (TIME, via NextDraft)
"Rolling Words: Snoop Dogg's Smokable Book" (Creativity Online)


  1. “Formerly”? and here i thought that “doggy” was just mr. dogg’s middle name — could be used sometimes, other times not.

  2. It certainly casts book-burning in a new light, though I’m not sure Savonarola would approve.

  3. Bound in hemp so you can smoke the cover when you’re desperate.

    Normally I’m pretty cynical about marketing gimmicks, but I have to say this  one works. It’s well tied in with Snoop’s ‘brand’ and the specific product. No sarcasm there.

    Serious thought: Assuming you read the lyrics before using the paper, you might get a slightly different high from each song. Dude, have you ever looked at these lyrics? I mean really /looked/.

      1. Everybody knows REAL artists don’t make money off their talent and fame, they die of dysentery in the gutter by age 26.

      2. yes am grumpy (seriously.)  I guess was referring to him stooping to the LCD.  He has the talent to do better. Guess he needs the $$$$.

        1. I dunno, he put his name behind a book that you can rip out pages from and roll up blunts with. Doesn’t seem like a soul-crushing sellout maneuver to me.

          It’s not like he made a new song dedicated to how cool the Romney campaign is or something… Although, if he did, that would be fucking hilarious…

    1.  Yes – when I think integrity and high standards with a refusal to sell out, I think Snoop  Dogg o_O

      Still, while smoking is bad when your brain is still developing mm’kay – it is a pretty interesting idea. And hey – makes your unsmoked copy rarer with every copy smoked.

    2. Was that before or after he appeared on Sesame Street?

      This isn’t the first time Snoop has done something like this, you know.  Nor is it the first time a rap star has done something like this.  So … stooped to the level of his fellow rap stars, maybe?  Oh, dear.  How dare he.

  4. Tobacco enthusiasts are really going to like this product.

    Especially the “kingsize” property. Finally, papers large enough to roll a cigar.


  5. Oh whoa! It’s only kind of like the Bible… if you have strike anywhere matches… But, rap is readable under the influence.

  6. This, assuming civilization as we know it still exists, has the potential to become highly collectable down the road. I mean, you might find a copy of Cheech & Chong’s Big Bamboo LP if you looked hard enough, but I sure as hell doubt you would find one with the paper still in it. I know whoever found my old copy is S.O.O.L.

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