Snoop Dogg's smokable book


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  1. franko says:

    “Formerly”? and here i thought that “doggy” was just mr. dogg’s middle name — could be used sometimes, other times not.

  2. OldBrownSquirrel says:

    It certainly casts book-burning in a new light, though I’m not sure Savonarola would approve.

  3. SoItBegins says:

    Well, as they say– put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  4. Brainspore says:

    And they said print was dead. Try that, Kindle!

  5. oldtaku says:

    Bound in hemp so you can smoke the cover when you’re desperate.

    Normally I’m pretty cynical about marketing gimmicks, but I have to say this  one works. It’s well tied in with Snoop’s ‘brand’ and the specific product. No sarcasm there.

    Serious thought: Assuming you read the lyrics before using the paper, you might get a slightly different high from each song. Dude, have you ever looked at these lyrics? I mean really /looked/.

  6. philllies says:

    Snoop has stooped – how sad.  

    • Cowicide says:

      Stooped to what?  Are you just being vague and grumpy or do you have a point?

      • Brainspore says:

        Everybody knows REAL artists don’t make money off their talent and fame, they die of dysentery in the gutter by age 26.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        To conquer, obviously.

      • philllies says:

        yes am grumpy (seriously.)  I guess was referring to him stooping to the LCD.  He has the talent to do better. Guess he needs the $$$$.

        • Guest says:

          alternately your approval is not even on his radar

        • Cowicide says:

          I dunno, he put his name behind a book that you can rip out pages from and roll up blunts with. Doesn’t seem like a soul-crushing sellout maneuver to me.

          It’s not like he made a new song dedicated to how cool the Romney campaign is or something… Although, if he did, that would be fucking hilarious…

    • Mister44 says:

       Yes – when I think integrity and high standards with a refusal to sell out, I think Snoop  Dogg o_O

      Still, while smoking is bad when your brain is still developing mm’kay – it is a pretty interesting idea. And hey – makes your unsmoked copy rarer with every copy smoked.

    • marilove says:

      Was that before or after he appeared on Sesame Street?

      This isn’t the first time Snoop has done something like this, you know.  Nor is it the first time a rap star has done something like this.  So … stooped to the level of his fellow rap stars, maybe?  Oh, dear.  How dare he.

  7. corydodt says:

    Tobacco enthusiasts are really going to like this product.

    Especially the “kingsize” property. Finally, papers large enough to roll a cigar.


  8. alexkrupp says:

    Should have been called Fahrenheit 420.

  9. awjt says:

    I might buy one just to wipe my ass with it.

  10. vrplumber says:

    This book is worth the purchase just for the twist at the end.  

  11. BombBlastLightingWaltz says:

    Snoop rolling new merchandise. Too bad for those on strike three. 

  12. He’s only promoting his lyrics on barn rope people…it’s called recycling!!!  He’s gone green :)

  13. kphisch says:

    Oh whoa! It’s only kind of like the Bible… if you have strike anywhere matches… But, rap is readable under the influence.

  14. pipenta says:

    This, assuming civilization as we know it still exists, has the potential to become highly collectable down the road. I mean, you might find a copy of Cheech & Chong’s Big Bamboo LP if you looked hard enough, but I sure as hell doubt you would find one with the paper still in it. I know whoever found my old copy is S.O.O.L.

  15. JimmyFlores says:

    Why wasn’t this on Kickstarter!

  16. Stephanie Edd says:

    Where do I buy this?!

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