Space Shuttle telescope for sale


10 Responses to “Space Shuttle telescope for sale”

  1. Aaron Swain says:

    Jeez!  That’s 7 Buford, Wyomings.

  2. nixiebunny says:

    Why don’t these things automatically go to museums? I don’t see what higher purpose it could have, as it’s very unlikely to be flown again. Does NASA want it to sit in some rich person’s parlor, collecting dust?

  3. vonbobo says:

    But does it do sepia? I only shoot in sepia.

  4. nixiebunny says:

    Come to think of it, why don’t they have a decent set of recent photos of this seven million dollar item? That’s how you get maximum sale value from a ebay listing. 

  5. Chris Burch says:

    I’m waiting for the port of Instagram.

  6. cleek says:

    can i hook it up to those fancy Google goggles and get a working pair of x-ray spex?

  7. For 7 Million, I not only want shipping to be free, but delivered with a nice steak & lobster dinner for a couple of hundred of my closest friends.

  8. I’d love to own something that was on a manned mission to outer space, but a huge telescope seems like a bit much. 

  9. Marc45 says:

    7 million is cheap, the cost of fuel to get it into space is where they get you ;)

  10. machinestate says:

    “Most excellent comrade, you will see the bid for transaction from my account of ebay, RedStarMotherland69xo”

    But seriously, I would think NASA space telescopes are subject to some sort of export control, which ebay isn’t responsible to enforce?

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