Mr. McFeely's purple panda terrifies children

I think one of them freaked and set the rest of them off, like a field of shrieking land mines. The howling combined with poor old Mr. McFeely trying to console the kids is haunting. Speedy Delivery!

I would also like to take this opportunity to make you aware that there are a ton of Mister Rogers episodes up on the PBS Kids website. Have fun, kids.

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    1. “All right, that’s it.  You little wimps don’t deserve to meet Purple Panda!”

    1. Mister Rogers’ middle name was McFeely, so yeah, really. The actor playing McFeely keeps up the good work even after Mister Rogers has passed:

      1. Fred Rogers named the character after his maternal grandfather Fred McFeely, the guy he himself was named after.  He loved that old guy.

  1. If I ran a company that made disposable toddler training pants  I’d hire an army of purple pandas to make surprise visits to nursery schools around the country. PROFIT!

  2. I would be afraid, too.  Have none of you read “The Colour out of Space” by H.P. Lovecraft?

    Clearly that panda was infected.

  3. I used to live in Mr. Rogers neighborhood! At the time I was going to CMU he lived in a condo just off of campus. The studio where he worked was around the corner (sort of . . . Pittsburgh is kind of a three dimensional city*). As I recall, “Mr. McFeely” often appeared on pledge breaks  for the local PBS station.

    * CMU’s campus is on Forbes Avenue. You go west on Forbes a bit, over a bridge, and you make a right on Craig. Then you make the next right. And the next right after that, and you drive and you don’t hit Forbes again . . . after you pass Mr. Roger’s Studio you’re in a gulch a hundred feel under Forbes, and if you don’t turn around right away you end up in a chain of working class neighborhoods of squirrely little streets that bend back on each other in non-Euclidian ways.

    Man, I loved driving in Pittsburgh.

    1. I lived in Pittsburgh for three years, and at the end still needed GPS to get anywhere.  I could get lost just going around the corner.

  4. I was waiting for Mr. McFeely to pull off the panda’s head and say “See? It’s just a make-believe panda.”

  5. Hm.  Looks like the bear’s resemblance to a typical “grey” destroyed all the children’s screen memories simultaneously.

  6. Once they started crying, Purple Panda should have just given up and gone with it; growl, roar and chase the kids around the room.  What the heck they’re already scared witless; have some fun with it!

  7. Apparently McFeely hadn’t heard that pandas are carriers of ebola purpurae. Children are much better informed in the age of the internet, but they still have a hard time distinguishing fantasy from reality.

  8. Gee, purple panda doesnt do anything but stand there and stare. No wonder the kids got spooked. 

  9. I only want to see the outtake where Mr. Rogers can’t get the tent set up and curses like a . . . well, like someone who doesn’t know how to curse. Saw it about 30 years ago and haven’t seen it since.

  10. Actually, the kids saw the purple panda and realized it would one day evolve into… Barney.  XO

  11. I can’t blame the kids; that panda’s crinkled eyes and sharp smile do look rather sinister.

  12. Wow. Repressed childhood memories are flooding back. I seem to recall a series of episodes of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood where the Purple Panda (who was a giant) was slowly walking toward the Neighborhood of Make-Believe causing its residents to freak out, causing me to freak out.

  13. Damn!  I knew I shouldn’t have washed my panda costume with that new purple t-shirt!

  14. Oh god – it’s the way he walks into the room. The creepy, floaty walk, with the insincere ‘jolly’ bounce. That and the fixed fake smile. No wonder they freaked; everything about his movement & expression said “I’m faking being nice” (and so obviously hiding sinister intentions).

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