Apartment covered with mentally ill resident's graffiti

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These images depict what is reportedly a Russian apartment belonging to a mentally ill man who carved every surface with graffiti. The Accidental Mysteries site, which is one of several sites to repost the images, introduced them with the visual art concept of horror vacui, a phrase from the Latin for "fear of the empty." "How To Lose Your Security Deposit"


  1. The depressing part is that I’ve seen less impressive stuff in modern art galleries (typically with modern art critics proclaiming them as “works of genius”).    Maybe the landlord should hold onto this stuff for a while…

    1. I’d love to live with that.  I’d just sweep up the vermin droppings and clear coat the walls.  We had a painted refrigerator when I lived in the gay collective in Boston in the 70s.  Pretty much the same model as that one.

  2. the writing is very typical of unmedicated schizophrenics, my sister left her last place in an almost similar condition. There was far more detritus in her place, if you can imagine that. 

  3. I rented to an older man once that covered just about every inch of wall space with scrap papers (newspaper, phone book pages, trash recipes etc..) that had lines and lines of numbers written all over them…  I just figured he was another genius that had slipped through the cracks.

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