Video for Brother Sun, Sister Moon's "Ghost of Barry Mill"


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  1. Jacarutu! says:

    What is the deal with this generation and lullaby music played on a kids piano? God I’ll be glad when this era in music is dead and gone.  No more scarves and corduroy jackets.  Bring back rock!

  2. milanalewis says:
    This is actually Brother Son Sister Moon.

    • David Pescovitz says:

      Yeah, we went through all that in the previous post about them. The movie, the Information Society-related band (that isn’t this), etc. Carry on.

  3. zuben says:

    I like this. I closed my eyes while listening and had a bit of a daydream.

    In it, this was a dusty reel lost in some obscure studio’s archive. It features Nick Drake on acoustic guitar and Roger Waters arranging/producing ca. 1968.

    For the vocals, Roger was able to channel Hope Sandoval from the future by dialing the reverb to 11.eleventy1 while peaking on acid. The results would inspire him to compose Julia Dream.

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