Enterprise lands in New York


The Space Shuttle Enterprise has landed in New York and look who was on board! Ok, they weren't. But this magnificent 1976 photo, previously seen on BB, turned up today in a CNN.com article pegged on the Shuttle's journey to its new home at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. "Shuttle Enterprise has a 'Star Trek' legacy"


    1. He’s still inside.  They couldn’t pry him from the captain’s seat.

      “No, Bill.  This one’s warp engines are pretend, too.  Just like yours.”

  1. I am really not a fan of Texas, but this shuttle should have been sent to Johnson Space Center. 

  2. I remember seeing the Enterprise land in Denver back in 1977. Such a strong memory, a spaceship landing in my hometown!! Also, is it me, or is Bones looking just a little more FAB-ulous than Mr. Sulu?

    1. Koenig’s and Nimoy’s threads are ones I’d still wear with pride today.

      Well.  Not so much “pride” as “regrettable lack of shame.”

  3. We saw it from high-up in our building at work today in NYC… right when it went over the Hudson. I got misty-eyed. I had a die-cast shuttle toy when I was a kid that was so played with that the white paint was gone…

  4. Can we please allow the shuttles to retire quietly, with their head hanging low? They were flawed machines before and after they killed astronauts. The flaws in the machines were exasperated by management living in a dangerous reality distortion field. The Shuttles, while technically sophisticated and marvels, were broken by design once the military got their hands on the designs. The Shuttle could no longer hit the launch targets and could no longer compete on price as promised – they only were used for commercial launches after the US Government subsidized the cost to other nations just so that the Russians wouldn’t be launching as much stuff into space.

    Obama glorifying the Shuttles with out an explanation of what was wrong and why is an appeal to nationalism just as much as the Republicans trying to re-animate Reagan’s corpse while reprogramming him to have content that matches what they say today, not what he said back then. 

    If the Shuttle was so damn good then why are we replacing it with designs from the Apollo era that are cheaper and more safe? 

    1. I agree with Mat.  You’re missing the real miracle here.  Those were interplanetary sex bombs.  Candid, no less!  Dig the pant diameters. Collars both mauve and taupe.  Ay que medallion.  The kerchief.   The umber-ly austere/unpopular guy.  How dare that Obama glorify the last non-tourist manned space mission?  I’m really sorry if you’re an Apollo widow, Tyler, but otherwise if an astronaut gets hurt/killed on this mission then I guess you – win? 

      1. What? Win? If we could put out technology that isn’t used wrong and doesn’t kill people, that seems like winning. Ignoring what went wrong, why, and not fixing it seems like losing.

        Whose team are you on?

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