Rose Kallal's 16mm film installation, music by Kallal and Mark Pilkington

 Wp-Content Uploads 2012 04 Photo-1  Wp-Content Uploads 2012 04 Rosekk
Rose Kallal is a New York-based artist/musician who creates immersive 16mm film installation using multiple projectors. This entrancing video is a recording of "Implicate, Explicate," a film for three projectors with visuals cut-up from 3D geometric computer simulations and Kallal's own low-fi footage. It was installed in the recent Chromatropic exhibition at The Hidden Noise gallery in Glasgow. The music is an original score by Kallal and the infamous Mark Pilkington (above, left) of Strange Attractor press and Raagnagrok.


  1. interesting how the ‘expanded cinema’ aesthetic has enjoyed a resurgence recently (what with artists like paul clipson, and bruce macclure doing very well)- i wonder how much of it is nostalgia, or if people are genuinely finding things in film that data projectors lack?  

  2. I did this in clubs all the time in the 90’s. I think I put up fourteen 16mm projectors at once. Does this make me an artist?

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