Stompy is coming

The Artisans Asylum in Somerville Massachusetts is holding a class called Project Hexapod. Their mission is to build this car-sized two-person hexapod robot and ride it through town in about four months. They've just posted the first set of schematics and named the robot "Stompy".

I'm putting this on my "potential overlords to welcome" list.

Stompy is coming - Project Hexapod Thanks Joe!


  1. Congrats Stompy & Artisan’s Asylum!

    maker-spaces rule!
    look for one or get one going where YOU live.


    SCUL-Pilot Stogie

    1. SCUL pilots also rule! Although I haven’t seen you guys riding around en mass recently. (Although maybe that’s because I’m rarely up after bedtime these days…)

    2. I want to point out that the Artisan’s Asylum is an epic bad ass organization.  They are very much about supporting the maker community from n00bs to kung fu masters.  If you leave in the greater Boston area, and especially if you live across the river on the Cambridge/Somerville side, you should really check them out.  They are pretty much as bad ass as they sound. 

      If you are going to be in the greater Boston Area, Somerville Open Studios (SOS) is happening this weekend and the Artisan’s Asylum will be open.  Just to give you some context, Somerville is a little sliver of Boston that is 4.2 square miles, yet has 80,000 people.  This year, there are going to be over 100 studious open around Somerville over the weekend for the event.  It really is worth the visit if you are going to be in town.

      SOS has the usual suspects you would expect at various open studious like water color, pottery, and crap like that, but it also has some truly epic shit each year.  Crazy mechanical sculptures, sharp pointed objects, steam punk , epic 10 foot tall bikes sporting blinking shit, and of course hexapod robots.  Seriously, if you are in Boston this weekend, come check it out.  Somerville is a bad ass little town. 

      edit: I am pretty sure SCUL pilot knows all of the above… it was more for everyone else.

  2. By 2019, Monster Stompie rallies will have completely replaced Monster Truck rallies.  Automobiles, specifically Toyota Prii, will be the favorite flattened object.

  3. Judging from the Project Hexapod page, the occupants’ heads would be around 10 feet above the pavement.  That would be an amazing view and a great thrill.  Please post video when this thing rolls out…  Er.. strides out.

          1.  Good call.

            “Arachnids suck blood. Do you suck blood?”
            “Sure, I suck blood all the time!”
            “Yeah right.”
            “Look pal, I gotta straw right here! You wanna demonstration?”

        1. To be extra ped-ant-tick, Spider-man’s got four limbs, not two.  Even if two of them are called “arms” instead of “legs” when they’re on a primate…

  4. What is it with robot-developers and their “not-quite-God-complex”? Wheels are FAR better than legs in every single way. Just cause there’s no animals/bugs/fish with wheels, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use them. 

  5. So are there engineering reasons to make our giant robots hexopods, instead of modeling an existing large animal like the elephant?

    1. Well, if you do the math, it turns out that six legs provides superior awesomeness and has the pleasant side effect of acceptable badassery.

  6. Would you need a driver’s license to take this thing out? Imagine the fun of taking your driving exam in this!

    1. Considering how many lanes of traffic it takes up, I sadly can’t imagine it could ever be street-legal.

  7. one could go off road over the hills and through the woods, well, some of the hills and woods anyway. in a quite spectacular fashion.

  8. I see they’re leaving room at the front to mount a laser cannon, or maybe giant pincers.

      1. Perfect!  Now to devise a way for it to walk up the sides of buildings…

  9. Note on the existing “competition” – since the Asylum hexapod is a true 18-actuator hexapod, it can spin in place.  It’s also got a design speed of … I think 6 MPH, but I may not be remembering correctly.

    1.  Is it 18 or 24? Are the red bits suspension as opposed to actuators?

      i’m curious as to where you got that speed number – are you local?

  10. Looks great; although it also looks very lean.  Are these schematics just concepts, or are they actually based on the materials etc. needed?  I would expect a lot more bulk in the bid section where all the engine/s pneumatics etc. go.  Even the legs look optimistically neat.

    I’m no engineer though, just looks a little too good to be true?

  11. Really? No stabby thing to poke through the roof and suck out the creamy filling? Seems obvious.

  12. Good thing I’m not in Massachusetts… chasing after their stomp-bot begging for a ride wouldn’t be very dignified.

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