A new Japan export: "cat cafes" come to Austria


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  1. serfer0 says:

    Can someone Kickstarter one of these in Chicago pls? I can loan-out up to five cats to get you started.

    • davidmang says:

      As a Chicagoan, I’m totally seconding this.

      On the plus side, we have Myopic Books in Wicker Park, and there’s a friendly cat or two wandering around the reading areas and bookshelves in there.

    • Ash L says:

      Basically every bike shop is a cat cafe

    • niktemadur says:

      Heeeereeee kitty kitty kitty!  Just wait till I figure out which one of my four has been pissing out of the box, and I’ll contribute to the cause.
      For the one that waltzes meowing into the bedroom at 4 am, well I’ve bought a water gun in his honor.

      • serfer0 says:

        Dude, any chance your cat could be diabetic? My guy, Gubby, started doing the same thing last year.  Took him to the vet, turns out he’s diabetic. 

        • niktemadur says:

          Thank you for the concern and the tip, but I’m relieved to say that it’s not that, whoever it is (and I have my suspicions narrowed down) pees at a weird angle, sometimes he misses the litter box wall and there’s a puddle on the floor nearby.  Then there’s three litter boxes, and he always uses the smaller one.  The rest of the house remains urine-free.

          • Guest says:

             Let me guess… it’s the fat one that hasn’t seen his own bits in years? Of course he always uses the smallest box!

  2. bcsizemo says:

    Mysteriously there always only 5 cats, yet a new one each week….

  3. bobarctor says:

     Something witty/toxoplasmosis/kopi luwak

  4. Gbaji says:

    This is a 1000% improvement over Austria’s cat dungeons.

  5. snowmentality says:

    Awwww, who’s a sleepy kitty paw-cat? *pets paw*

    I would definitely go to a cat café!

  6. That’s really cool and all, but shouldn’t these be called “cat friendly” cafes?  From the headline, I was expecting a full-on feline hang-out, with cats smoking pipes and playing chess and reading Sartre and shit.

  7. thatbaddog says:

    Neko baba suru.

  8. Kommkast says:

    I do wonder what american food safety would say about this.. but to be honest it would be the cleanest place around since rats would be terrified to come anywhere near it.. And with that said, I cannot express how much want. 

    • retepslluerb says:

      Of course you shouldn’t just drop the cats in there and clean the box only once a day, but really. People who worry about this should never, ever eat anything that was industrially produced or what they didn’t purchase directly from a market stand thy trust.

      • EvilTerran says:

        Market stands? You know those vegetables are grown in horse poo?

        Horse poo, I tell you! HORSE POO!

        Excuse me, I have to go disinfect now. Out, damned spot…

  9. riverlaw says:

    Cats and their slow march to world domination. (they make it look easy)

  10. Drabula says:

    As a Yank ex-pat in the UK I love how dogs are allowed pretty much everywhere here. Pubs are twice the fun when there’s a couple dogs wandering around, but I’d prefer a cat cafe/pub. After my two cats died and it was impractical to get new ones I would have spent all day in such a cafe trying to pet the pain away.

  11. TheMudshark says:

    Funny. When I read about the cat cafes a few weeks ago, my first thought was: “That would never fly with health reagulations here in Vienna.”

  12. krisindallas says:

    probably not a good idea to position the cat basket just above a table of food.  

  13. Those cat cafes may seem cute and harmless at first, but before you know it the cats are getting you to build shrines to them, like they did at Kagoshima: http://digitalnomad.nationalgeographic.com/2011/09/12/the-cats-of-kagoshima/

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Have you ever been to a monkey temple? I don’t have many limits, but that was beyond them.

      • Marilyn Terrell says:

        I haven’t been and don’t plan to visit one unless I get to know the simple joys of a monkey knife fight.

  14. electronicnonsense says:

    I’ve been to plenty of mom & pop shops over the years with friendly cats living in them and they don’t make a big deal about it. Posers!

  15. electronicnonsense says:

    I’ve been to plenty of mom & pop shops over the years with friendly cats living in them and they don’t make a big deal about it. Posers!

  16. Guest says:

    Something tells me letting 5 dogs roam (and eventually waddle) freely in a restaurant wouldn’t work as well.

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