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 Cnn Dam Assets 120509044610-Cave-Door-Horizontal-Gallery Ghassab Al-Bedoul, 42, offers up his cave in Petra, Jordan, for visitors on It looks like a fantastic experience. In the four years he's been registered on the site, Al-Bedoul says he's hosted more than 1,000 people. From CNN:

The cave, which is no larger than 150 square feet, is uniquely modern. A row of solar-powered lights, a gift from a couch surfer, encircles the front of the cave entrance. When the sun sets past the Petra mountains, they are the only visible lights.

The outside of the cave is hard stone, but Al-Bedoul has done some decorating on the inside. The roof is painted black with stars circling the room. Candlelight glows just bright enough to see some of the traditional Jordanian paintings he's placed inside; not included in that collection is the large Bob Marley poster near the cave's entrance…

When asking Al-Bedoul for the washrooms, he points to the mountains, and says, "far away please."

"Couch surfing a cave in southern Jordan"


  1. I would gladly trade my home in the Indianapolis burbs to him. 

    If he knows computers he can have my job and car as well.

  2. “…Al-Bedoul has done some decorating on the inside. The roof is painted black with stars circling the room.”

    Methinks that CNN needs an editor or two. 

    Mind you, you can’t tell from the photos whether the roof IS painted black.

    1. ‘Roof’ appears to be interchangeable with ceiling when talking about caves. You don’t refer to the ceiling of your mouth, do you?

      1.  Your guess is right, I don’t say ‘ceiling of the mouth’.  I usually say ‘palais de la bouche’.

        For the monolinguals out there: that’d be ‘palate’.

  3. I love how it is always a washroom or bathroom, never a lavatory in English. 

    (And yes, I’m aware that the German word for it started out as an Euphemism, too, but all other uses basically died out by now.)

  4. been there! amazing experience :) there was full moon as well and it was simply magic – A+++++ will do again

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