Mute Watch: capacitive, accelerometer-aware "blank" watch


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  1. robdobbs says:

    Cute, but far too expensive.

  2. Glen Able says:

    accelerometers!  Who needs another electronic device that knows about your porn habits?

  3. Marius van Voorden says:

    Nice. I only think they should have integrated the USB connector though. Now you always need a cable :/


    I don’t care if this is from a sponsor.  I’m a watch guy and I heartily approve of the new ideas and interface.

  5. Interesting advancement. However I have one issue with it. It’s charged via USB. If they go that far, why can’t they have the watch automatically set the time using the clock of the computer it’s plugged into.
    In this decade with NTP and other protocols automatically handling the time on our computers, phones, tablets, game systems, set top boxes, and other devices connected to our TVs why are we STILL manually setting the time on devices.

    Well, not that it matters to me. I can’t even wear a watch.

  6. Plut0 says:

    There are two things watches have over mobile phones and big clocks for telling the time. You can look at them without people noticing.  .. And that seems to me kind of impossible.

    The other thing btw is that watches are awesome.

  7. I *love* the design, but here’s the flaw to me: I’m sure the damned thing is made of that hard rubber that Fossil, Spoon and other have used. I’ll give ya a clue, over the course of a year, it dries out or becomes rotted with the oils from your skin. 

    And for $250.00, I just can’t see it for what it is. 

  8. theophrastvs says:

    when oh when will my dream be realized for a small corner transparent lcd stick-on for my glasses that allows me to furtively glance at the time?

  9. pomokey says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but but I don’t stick my arm out perpendicular to my body when I look at my watch…  That screen needs to be rotated 90 degrees to be useful.

  10. Jonathan says:

    I really enjoy this type of interface. I’ve no idea if they’re the first, but Liquivision’s line of diving computers have used accelerometers for their interface for a while now, eliminating the troubles that come from putting buttons in items that have to withstand hundreds of meters of water atop them. For example, you’d tap the top to move up through menus, the bottom to move down, etc.  

  11. miasm says:

    waiting for the subcutaneous, hemoglobin-powered watch.

  12. Steve Olsen says:

    I own it. Pretty amazing. I have it set to vibrate every 20 minutes. Makes me so much more aware of my time. “Oh I started this 3 alarms ago” etc etc. Waking up is much more pleasant to a lil motor shaking on your wrist.  Battery is shit and the sizing is terrible. No go for fat folk. I love it but the charge thing keeps me from using it all the time.

  13. jimh says:

    $260, yow!

  14. nixiebunny says:

    I make a two-digit Nixie tube watch with an accelerometer for activation. It is a very natural way to read a watch, and it gives a bit of theater every time you look at it.

    But I oriented the tubes the correct way so that you can actually read the time without twisting your brain sideways.

  15. Ray Perkins says:

    How retro. Remember the very first red LED watches, where you had to  push a button to read the time, as they used too much power to be on all the time? Other than trendy, this is a step backwards.

  16. Bob N Johnson says:

    This is very cool, but I just bought a Pebble watch for $125 (paid more to choose a color). Pebble has an e-ink display, battery lasts for a week, runs various apps, and communicates with a smartphone via bluetooth.

    So, yes, this is over priced and under featured. Still, very cool, but it’s not going to find a home here.

    BTW Hello Ross!

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