Short documentary about Cosplay at New York Comic Con

Todd Bieber says: "I directed a video for Nerdist and Broadway Video. It's a fun series that takes you inside the world of Cos Play. There were so many videos out there poking fun at Cos Players that we wanted to create something that celebrated the culture."

WTF is Cosplay? - Just Cos NYCC: Episode 1


  1. Nicely done. I’ve been going as Number Six to ComicCon for a long time, and it’s quite fun to answer questions with lines from various episodes. Some cosplayers, like Meagan Marie, do work that is like a fine art.  

  2. Some day, when time and money provides, I will be one of those dorks in costume. I LOVE costumes.  Is there any other reason to go to a ren fair other than dressing up?

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