Philip K. Dick Festival coming to San Francisco, September 22-23


The Philip K. Dick Festival, scheduled for September 22-23 in San Francisco, is sure to be a heady, reality-bending time. Organizer and Total Dick-Head blogger David Gill informs us that he's lined up presentations by Jonathan Lethem, Erik Davis, Paul Sammon, and many other big thinkers on such subjects as self-induced amnesia, computer simulations, mysticism, dystopia, and, of course, drugs. 2012 Philip K. Dick Festival


  1. Really? REALLY? So much excellent PKD material on celluloid already, and you go for searing eyeballs with the most annoying screengrab EVER of the fuckin’ governator?

      1. That helps.

        What, fake screaming while “earning” 10 million bucks?  I don’t think so!
        For real schadenfreude, catch the look on his face when his banging of the domestic help went public :-P

  2. Without the “Get Your Ass To San Francisco!” label, it does lose something… 

  3. This makes a lot of sense really.  I’ve heard that people in San Francisco just love Dick.  

    1. The film was based on a PKD short story called “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.”  Piers Anthony wrote a novel based on the movie.  That’s in the Wikipedia link.

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