Breaking bits in pretty ways: The visualists of Blip Fest


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  1. rosa menkman says:

    Thanks for the nice writeup!!!
    Just to be clear, Monglot is programmed by Johan Larsby and the concept of transcoding and the interface design (yep thats right, there is some) is by me. So its a collaboration

  2. Susanna King says:

    I admit I hadn’t heard of this art form before, but I guess that’s why I read BoingBoing!
    I love making collages from found images in Photoshop – I’m going to take a look at the software mentioned here (starting w/ Monglot) and see if animated collages are as much fun.

  3. Danny Hynes says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been searching for since I got back from Blip.  Thank you so much Boing Boing…and all the artists, this is so rad!

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