Occult art show in Brooklyn

 Tumblr M2Jfcge5Nv1Rsi16So1 1280 Pam Grossman of the entrancing Phantasmaphile blog curated a group art show in Brooklyn of works inspired by magick and occult symbology. Above, Jesse Bransford's "Magic Square (Jupiter)," {2011, acrylic, ink, watercolor, and graphite on paper, 39.75" x 25.25"}. The exhibition, titled "Sigils & Signs," runs until June 17 at the Observatory. You can also view the art online here. Below, listen to Pam talking about the link between art and the occult on the always-provocative Expanding Mind podcast with Erik Davis and Maja D'aoust.



  1. Great show…great, intricate letterpress stuff and some math-as-magic pieces…was fortunate to catch it today with the wonderful and talented curator Pam Grossman holding court…

  2. was there today. not really that awesome. nice work. nothing stood out to me. I would say kind of run of the mill. The space is great though…

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