Most fashionable squirrel of the 1940s

 2012 01 09Squirrels

In the early 1940s, the Bullis family of Washington, DC adopted a pet squirrel. Mrs. Bullis dressed the squirrel, named Tommy Tucker, in more than two dozen outfits, from a coat and hat to a Red Cross uniform. Like Walter Potter's work, but ALIVE! Our pal and sponsor Shana Victor of ShanaLogic points us to photographic evidence of this fashionable fur ball, over at LIFE. "A Squirrel's Guide To Fashion"

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  1. It’s interesting to me given the recent thread: Which is more abusive, turning a dead animal into a RC quadcopter, or dressing a live animal up in little costumes?
    Note: neither one offends me terribly.

    1. More abusive?  Dressing the live animal.  Whether that actually qualifies as abuse or not depends on how the animal feels about it.  Some animals like getting dressed up (extra attention/affection or maybe they just think that they look cool) and some just hate it.  *Forcing* an animal to dress up when it doesn’t want to is abusive.

  2. A squirrel dressed in a nurse’s outfit does nothing to sweeten the fact it’s probably carrying RABIES!

  3. “A _nurse’s_ uniform?  No way!     Wait… how many nuts was that again…?”

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