Photo released of Ray, the "forest boy" of Germany


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  1. Drabula says:

    Obviously, it’s the “Buddha Boy” who has transcended and re-appeared as a sandy-haired white boy in Germany. DUH!

  2. That’s weird – I expected antlers.

  3. CSBD says:

    Sounds to me like he is a runaway who watched the movie Hanna one time too many.

    Though who wouldn’t want Eric Bana (with a put on accent) as a “father”?

  4. Ryan_T_H says:

    It’s unlikely to be as simple as a runaway. Over the last few years they have compared  him to every missing child report in Europe. The only reason they are releasing the photo is that the normal channels have come up dry.

    • mappo says:

      If he’s a native english speaker, they should probably check the missing child reports in the UK or US, depending on his accent.

      • ffabian says:

        “compared  him to every missing child report in Europe.”
        “check the missing child reports in the UK”

        The UK IS in Europe.

      • blueelm says:

        It seems like it would have occurred to them to check the US, and also New Zealand or Australia perhaps? One would hope. But English is spoken in a lot of places, and having good English skills doesn’t mean he couldn’t be from pretty much anywhere.

        Perhaps he’s another one like the local girl here in TX who got herself deported under the assumed name of an immigrant. Now that is one crazy way to run away. But I could see it being pulled off, as the only way that girl was found was that she was posting about it on facebook.

    • chgoliz says:

      Yeah, I’m wondering how much of the story is what his ‘father’ told him over the years.  He may find out everything he thinks he knows about himself is a lie.

  5. Jim Saul says:

    John Titor’s son?

  6. BonzoDog1 says:

    Are there also wild barbers living in the woods?

    • Warren_Terra says:

      The picture was presumably taken some time after he was taken into custody, explaining his general cleanliness and his hair (which isn’t exactly Grizzly Adams but also isn’t a remarkable coiffure). A better question would be about laundromats, given that he claims to have been living five yeas in the woods and was found with clean clothes.

  7. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    It’s a shame about Ray…

  8. Ryan Lenethen says:

    Sounds like the kid they found in BC, Canada. Very similar story. Reported all over media. Turned out to be a complete fabrication. I believe he ended up just being a runaway. Probably the same thing here.

  9. theophrastvs says:

    Check the mormons to see if one of their “missionaries” is missing (kid looks just like one of the mormon missionaries that came up to me in Bonn and couldn’t even speak a word of German)  one good taste of a proper currywurst would probably convince him not to return to the “inland empire”

  10. I really really hope that this is performance art. We have been trolled?

  11. Funk Daddy says:

    Pfft, fake.

    Teeth were good, nails were clean, clothes were clean and his tent and other equipment appeared new and the tent unused even once when he first showed up. 

    I don’t care, but I disrespect his attitude toward fraud. He should have worked harder at it. A better backstory, believable props and physicality, it’s like he woke up a drunk, privileged backpacker and headed to City Hall for lack of anything better to do.

    If he had worked at it then at least the challenge for the police and the amusement afforded the public would be equal or greater than the cost of his room and board and whatever else he has received.

  12. rogerwilco1 says:

    The boy has been identified as the Dutch buy Robin van Helsum.

  13. The boy is a Dutch boy, named Robin, who has been missing since september. His whole story was a lie, he just wanted to start a new life. The Dutch police found out after my colleagues received an e-mail from a friend of his at the newsroom where I work (NOS op 3). The whole story (in Dutch) can be found here:

  14. registradus says:

    Why is the article linked the Sydney Morning Herald? Was he found in Sydney? from Sydney?

  15. Aaaaand he’s been identified. His name’s Robin, the story with the dead parents and living in the forest was a lie, he came to Berlin from the Netherlands a few days before he contacted the police and obviously wanted to start a new life after personal problems:

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